1. A co-worker of mine once overheard me when I was clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa and asked me for the book Zhuan Falun [The main text of Falun Gong] and other Dafa materials. Very soon, he had experienced some phenomenon. After his cousin had read the book twice the pimples on his face disappeared. When his cousin watched a Dafa video and saw the Falun spinning, he felt so wonderful and when he learned the exercises for the first time, he said he felt very comfortable. He has now started to study the Fa too.
  2. Two friends were talking with each other while they were playing a game of Mahjong. One said that she didn't feel well lately and the other person suggested that she start practicing Falun Gong. She then found a practitioner and borrowed Zhuan Falun. Very soon she told the practitioner, "I have read through Zhuan Falun twice. It truly is a good book. I would like to keep the book!" She thus entered the door of cultivation.
  3. My student came to see me after retiring from the army. He said that during the nighttime the military often sent soldiers to help police arrest Dafa practitioners. They behaved as if they were bandits. He wanted to find Zhuan Falun so that he could read it; therefore I loaned him a copy. He finished reading it in just one night and said, "This is truly a great Fa with great virtue. No wonder so many people are practicing it." He wanted to hand copy it for himself.
  4. A student who had been studying in Singapore during the past three years recently returned home and passed through Beijing. He watched the CCTV news program slandering Falun Gong and became very puzzled and asked the waiter, "Why is Falun Gong banned in China?" As a result, he was interrogated and examined sternly. This student felt very strange, so he was determined to start practicing Falun Gong once he had returned back to his hometown. He then asked his former schoolmates to help him find someone who could help him start practicing Falun Gong.
  5. One of my students' parents wrote some material that criticized Falun Gong according to his superior's requirement. One day, I told that student about the principle of "Good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil" and also raised many examples. She immediately realized that her father had diarrhea in those days and this was his retribution for opposing Falun Gong. She then told her father the truth. Her father read Teacher's article and said, "What their Teacher said really makes sense."