May 22, 2002


I know of a Dafa disciple who was very eager, even impatient, in clarifying the truth to her family. Since she was pushy and wanted to convince others, sometimes she and her family ran into a deadlock. She was not only unable to reach the desired effect, but also left some negative impressions on others.

Later I found out that many fellow practitioners also had the problem of being too extreme. In fact, during clarifying the truth, one's tone should be peaceful and natural, attempting to talk about personal understandings with compassion, while considering others' ability to understand and accept it. We can take an angle of his or her interest, and talk little by little each day. In this way, they may be glad to hear, and even ask questions when they are confused about something that has been said. While talking, we should try not to hold a strong intention to make them fully understand everything at once, and only talk about things to the extent that they can understand and accept. In this way, they will not have a negative feeling, and we will have naturally achieved the effects of clarifying the truth. These are my personal understandings. Please kindly point out wherever improper understandings occur.