Dalian Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province brutally tortures Falun Dafa practitioners. They are responsible for the deaths of some practitioners, including beating female practitioner Wang Qiuxia to death because she would not give up her belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

1. Dalian Forced Labor Camp's Transfer Plan

At 8 a.m. on August 9, 2001, out in front of Dalian Labor Camp, 20 practitioners with hands cuffed behind their backs were brought out from different teams and each was held by two criminal inmates. More than 20 fully armed team leaders took the practitioners into buses and drove out of Dalian.

The 20 practitioners are: Feng Gang, Kong Qingchun, Wang Zhiyong, Liu Hongyou, Wang Yue, Liu Changhai, Xu Jun, Teng Renmin, Chen Yong, Guo Jufeng, Cao Yuqiang, Sun Zhiyuan, Qu Fei, Wang Chuang, Yin Baojun, Xu Gang, Liang Qinsheng, Wang Shangjie, Zhang Chengjun, and Liu Renqiu. Their average age is 30; their occupations included university student, bank employee, government cadre, businessman, university teacher, doctor to name a few.

The buses went directly to Liaoning Province Guanshanzi Forced Labor Camp located in Tieling City Changtu County. It is as notoriously brutal as the Masanjia Labor Camp.

2. The Impression of Guanshanzi Forced Labor Camp

This labor camp is located in the mountains and isolated from the outside world. Here they gathered uncontrollable inmates from other labor camps. In the inmates' minds, the labor camp is a living hell. Some inmates used to say, "Beating a person to death in Guanshanzi is like killing a pig. Just wrap the body with a mat and carry it away." People who had been released said, "It is lucky for someone to get out of Guanshanzi alive." Inmates also say, "Here, killing a person is a routine matter. When inmates were out for some fresh air, the courtyard was filled with people missing arms or legs. They all had become crippled or disabled due to forced labor working in the quarry.

On August 9, 20 practitioners were secretly brought here to be tortured.

3. The Planned Violent Torture

In the evening of August 11, 2001, practitioners Feng Gang, Kong Qingchun, Wang Zhiyong, Liu Hongyou, Yin Baojun, Qu Fei, Wang Chuang, Sun Zhiyuan, and Liu Renqiu sat together and sent forth righteous thoughts. The next day, 20 inmates broke into the practitioners' room and isolated them with two inmates to watch one practitioner. The other ten practitioners including Wang Yue held a hunger strike to protest this treatment. On the evening of August 15, they isolated those practitioners on the hunger strike as well. At 4 a.m. on August 18, police cars drove into the labor camp. They handcuffed ten practitioners including Feng Gang with his hands behind his back and stationed two inmates to hold each practitioner. Practitioner Sun Zhiyuan's head was battered and covered in blood. Inmates received sudden orders to act. Practitioners all only wore underwear. They also took out other practitioners who were on hunger strike. Zhang Chengjun, Cao Yuqiang, Xu Gang, and Guo Jufeng were forced to kneel. Party Secretary Wang said: "In order to teach you humility, you will be sent to different squads."

The police car roared out and arrived at the Mazhong Brick Factory at 8 a.m. This is the working field of the Second Squadron. The housing is built very low with police surveillance on the roof and the ground. Practitioners Feng Gang, Kong Qingchun, Yin Baojun, and Sun Zhiyuan were taken from the car. The car returned to the highway and arrived at Tieling Santaizi Quarry at 10 a.m. This is the working field for the Fifth Squad. Practitioners Liang Qingsheng and Guo Jufeng were left here. The car left for Wenzhuangzi Brick Factory. This is the working field for the Sixth Squad. the remaining practitioners were left with Zhang Chengjun and Cao Yuqiang in the front. The head of the labor camp, Guo Lei, ordered, "Kneel!" The two practitioners resisted and the evil order failed. In the end, they left Zhang and Cao in Wenzhuangzi and brought other practitioners back to the labor camp's courtyard.

In Sanshizi Quarry, practitioners Liang Qingsheng and Guo Jufeng were handcuffed together, each monitored by two inmates. The evil people pressured them 24 hours and forced them to memorize the rules of the labor camp. Guo firmly refused. During this time, the police and inmates threatened and shocked them. Then they took Liang back to the labor camp's courtyard and left Guo in this gloomy and damp place for five months.

This place housed the various rebellious criminals of Liaoning Province, including drug addicts, repeat offenders, and professional thieves. Guo clarified the truth to them, exposed the evil, and validated Dafa. After three months, because of his persistence, they removed his cuffs on November 27. This process took a total of 100 days.

4. Dafa Practitioners Face Evil with Righteous Thoughts

In Guanshanzi, practitioners encountered the evil's brutal torture. However, with righteous belief in Dafa, they broke the old force's arrangement with righteous thoughts and action. In every way they tried to escape the evil's arrangements: from officially proposing to practice their exercises to refusing to perform the forced labor, to walking in the exercise yard [for all inmates], to "studying" the articles that slandered Dafa, to wearing handcuffs, to accepting the violence, and to go to the enforcement team. Practitioners validated Dafa with their bravery and sincerity and made the evil's plan of persecuting Dafa fail again and again. With practitioners' wisdom and righteous beliefs, they protected Dafa's dignity and established the mighty virtue of Dafa.

(1) In October 2001, practitioner Yin Baojun was tortured in the "small cell" again. The first time he was tortured in the "small cell" was for refusing to do the prison walking exercises in the yard. This time, because he refused to perform the forced labor, they sent him to the eighth small cell and cuffed his hands from behind for more than 20 days. One day, the head of the camp, Gao Lei, came to inspect and saw the inmate who was monitoring Yin putting a sweater on for him. Gao became very angry and ordered Yin to be stripped. He froze for one night. It was early winter and it was freezing cold.

(2) In November 2001, they sent the following practitioners to "small cells": Kong Qingchun for 7 days, Xu Gang for 2 days, Wang Zhiyong for 25 days, Liu Hongyou for 30 days, Cao Yuqiang in the enforcement team for 8 days, Liu Renqiu for 2 days. Practitioner Wang Zhiyong was electrically shocked by the police for the entire afternoon and was so strong that he did not make a sound. Liu Hongyou was brutally beaten by 3 police in the "small cell". Wang Zhiyong and Liu Hongyou asked that the inmate who beat them be punished. Yet they released that inmate before his sentence was over.

(3) In October 2001, in Guanshanzi Second Squad Mazhong Brick Factory, practitioners Sun Qingfeng, Feng Gang, Sun Zhiyuan, and Yin Baojun together demanded that their shackles be taken off. Finally, the shackles were removed.

(4) On January 11, 2002, they sent practitioner Guo Jufeng to a "small cell" because he practiced Falun Gong exercises. They cuffed him from behind for 14 days and then cuffed his one hand to an iron loop on the wall. They only gave him two corn buns a day and asked two inmates to watch him 24 hours a day with shift changing at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. During this time, his mother and sister from Heilongjiang Province visited him in an attempt to force him to write a guarantee to "follow the rule of the labor camp and not practice the Falun Dafa exercises." He refused. After spending one month in a "small cell", he was sent to the First Squad. On February 19, they sent Guo to "small cell" again because he refused to walk in the courtyard with the other inmates. In the meantime, practitioner Yin Baojun was already locked in a "small cell" for more than 20 days. Guanshanzi even detained practitioners during the Chinese New Year's Eve.

(5) On February 19, 2002, during the time when all inmates were out for fresh air, the police brutally beat practitioner Cao Yuqiang. The head of the squad, Tian, squeezed Cao's throat and 4 police knocked him to the ground and stepped on his head. He suddenly stood up and shouted loudly: "Falun Dafa is good. Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance is good!" He looked straight into Tian's eyes. The evil turned cowardly and sent him back. Later, practitioners continuously looked for Tian [and pointed at him]. The evil was subdued and guaranteed that similar events would not be repeated.

In March 2002, they sent Guo Jufeng and Cao Yuqiang to Hulutao City Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province.

Those who attack kind people must be evil. Those who do evil by slandering and lying about Dafa in order to gain fame and benefits as well as obtain credits from their bosses will eventually receive justice.