Recently one work unit in a city in northern China had a large fire. One of the chiefs of the fire brigade led his team members to quickly go to the spot and keep the fire under control. They reduced the loss from the fire to the lowest extent and received praise from their work unit supervisors. This team head is a leader in his profession and was a responsible director during the fire. He had participated in many important incidents extinguishing fires in their local area and had plenty of experience in firefighting. He received many awards and was widely recognized as a good person in his work unit.

After the fire, local police went to this work unit to investigate the factors behind the fire, and also opened an investigation into this head of the fire brigade as the top suspect, just because he is a Falun Gong practitioner.

Previously, the police spread rumors locally, claiming that Falun Gong practitioners were planning to commit "murder and arson," "using poison to hurt young school children," and "putting poison into the water supply." They also exaggerated stories and sent policemen to safeguard the city water department in order to fabricate lies and turn public opinion against Falun Gong. Their lies deceived many people.

After the fire at this work place, local police made use of this incident as a way to make false charges against him. When other employees in this work place knew about this, they felt very indignant. Some of them said, "This is obviously aimed at Falun Gong? I used to wonder if they indeed framed false cases against Falun Gong. Now I really see it! If such a good person like him can become the suspect of arson, where is there any justice?"