Since February of this year, thirty Dafa practitioners who were detained in the Yingkou Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province did not cooperate with the evil's demands. Instead, we started a group practice, sent forth righteous thoughts, studied the Fa, and refused to take labor assignments with firm resolution. Before this, we were not allowed to be visited for half a year. On April 8, this prison gathered all of its police guards. The guards stripped off our clothes and confiscated our Dafa books. Our personal belongings such as watches, pens, small mirrors, and shaving razors were taken away. Malicious guard Wang Qingjun tortured practitioner Shen Jun with two electric batons because he refused to cooperate with his evil demands. After that, Shen Jun suffered from chest pains for a long time. Another two practitioners, Liu Qingyu and Qian Naizhang, were tortured as well. In order to control the thirty Falun Dafa practitioners in this labor camp, three guards were temporarily assigned to this prison to watch us (Sixteen Dafa practitioners were detained in the First Team upstairs and fourteen practitioners were detained in the Second Team downstairs). Because we refused to accept the "forced labor education," the guards forced us to stay up until 3 o'clock in the morning. The guards forced us to sit in front of a wall without speaking. Dafa practitioner Xu Chuande is disabled, yet the guards forced him to sit on a chair for an entire day. Dafa practitioner Shen Jun developed edema in his legs. We stayed in a room that was less than 6 square meters and received no sunlight. We were severely tortured and closely watched by specially assigned individuals even while we bathed and washed our hands. They would beat us whenever we were a little bit slow.

On May 5th, fourteen practitioners in the Second Team walked out of the tightly controlled jail with righteous thoughts. This is something that the evil could not have imagined, because at that moment there were eleven criminal detainees and three team leaders patrolling in turn, and there were an additional dozen criminal detainees in our room.

Our breaking through the evil guards' blockade made them very frightened. During the following couple of days, citizens from every street were busy running around and saying, "Falun Gong is so miraculous, how could they climb a 5-meter-high wall? The police should stop arresting Falun Gong practitioners; Falun Gong is right."