(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, Chinese Consulates in many countries in the world have routinely refused to renew or issue passports for Falun Gong practitioners overseas. Zhu Jiang, a Falun Gong practitioner from St. Louis, and practitioner Xu Zhiwei from Chicago applied to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago for passport renewals. Their applications were denied without any explanation. Dr. Xu Zhiwei is a senior research scientist at Motorola Labs. Ms. Zhu Jiang was a university instructor in Nanjing City before she came to the U.S. to join her husband.

Practitioner reads his statement to the Chinese people who came to the Chinese Consulate to conduct their business, telling them the story about the Chinese Consulate denying his passport renewal

Staff from the Chinese Consulate anxiously said, "I don't want to be photographed!"

Applications of passport renewals were repeatedly declined

On the morning of May 21, in order to find out the reason for the refusal and to clarify the truth, Zhu Jiang and Xu Zhiwei, accompanied by a dozen local practitioners, came to the front of Chinese Consulate in Chicago. A reporter from the Chicago Sun also came upon learning the news.

At about 11 a.m., while other practitioners quietly sent forth righteous thoughts outside the Consulate General building, Xu Zhiwei with his wife and 5-month-old son, Zhu Jiang and her husband, as well as the reporter entered the visa office. They got in line. When they got to the receptionist's window, the receptionist said that she was going to check with someone but never returned.

Before this, Zhu Jiang and Xu Zhiwei had inquired many times about their passport renewals. Each time they were turned away by the Consul with different excuses. With no other choice and intending to clarify the truth, Xu Zhigong pulled out a statement and read it to the security camera in the Consulate. Several staff members appeared from the side doors and asked them to leave, because they "interfered with other people's business." Xu Zhiwei asked them what the problem was. It is the basic function of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate. What law did they follow to deny the renewal of passports? The staff member could not answer.

Consulate staff members try to force practitioners to leave but cannot

The staff members changed their excuses and attempted to force the practitioners to leave. Apparently they were quite afraid of being exposed in front of the media and the public. Several practitioners repeatedly reasoned with them while others clarified the truth to other Chinese people in the room.

When the staff member realized that the practitioners were not going to leave, they said that no matter what they won't receive the practitioners, because they did not have an appointment. Practitioners replied that no rule stated that an appointment was necessary - every Chinese person has the right to come in. The staff members then threatened, "Watch yourself, do not make it big matter." They threatened to call the police. The practitioners told them, "What we are doing is reasonable and in accordance with the law. What we are doing is righteous. If the police come, it is a good opportunity to clarify the truth to them. They will see how a staff member of a country's Consulate treats its own people."

From the conversation with these staff members, we felt that they understood the situation of the persecution in China. Several times they used slanderous words. When we told them that it is bad for their futures, they stopped at once.

Resolutely stopping the evil's spread overseas

The practitioners realized that this is not just persecution against a few practitioners but an extension of the evil overseas. We must resolutely eliminate it. We sent our statement to all the offices of Chinese Consulate, as well as the Chinese and English media. In the statement we also clarified the truth of the persecution in China.

The next day we called the Consul again. He said that they were discussing the matter and will give us an answer afterwards. In the afternoon Zhu Jiang and Zhiwei's families went to the Consulate again. They asked the officials to fulfill their obligation and renew the passports.

While waiting, we continued to clarify the truth to Chinese and Americans alike at the Consulate.

Staff members came to check on us from time to time. We believed that they were quite flustered. Whenever someone came out, the practitioners would clarify the truth to him, and their attitude would be changed somewhat.

The prominent local newspaper, the Chicago Sun, carried the story and effectively clarified the truth. We will resolutely resist the spreading of the evil overseas and the injustice done to Falun Gong practitioners. We will continue until the Consulate follows the law and renews our passport. We also hope that the Consulate staff members will treat this matter according to their conscience. Your kind thoughts will forge a bright future for yourself.