(Clearwisdom.net) In the days when the head of the evil himself went to Germany, many fellow practitioners went to Germany to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity in order to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions. Recently, I reflected on the shortcomings of this trip, and I have written them down in the hope that we Dafa practitioners as a whole can do better next time.

For this trip to Germany, many overseas Dafa practitioners (especially Western practitioners) did not get the information in time, or they did not fully realize the significance of sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. Some practitioners thought that sending forth righteous thoughts would only be effective in close proximity, and since they did not go to Germany, there was no need for them to send forth righteous thoughts as frequently. Other practitioners did not understand this precious opportunity from within the Fa and did not realize the significance of cleaning out the evil elements that the head of the evil. In addition, most of the practitioners in China did not receive the information in time. Therefore, a large number of practitioners actually did not participate in this effort due to various reasons.

On the other hand, judging from stories and information from various channels, Dafa practitioners who went to Germany did an outstanding job in terms of protest, such as confronting the head of the evil, unfurling banners and shouting statements of principle, which were all very touching and worked effectively in clarifying the truth. However, if we think from a more rational perspective, we would find that in fact many protest activities took away from the time for more important activities. Practitioners went to Germany because of the special, effective power of sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity; however, when facing the head of the evil close by, many practitioners shouted, sang, or unfurled banners instead of sending forth righteous thoughts with every second possible. At the same time, practitioners who were shouting obviously were not in a peaceful state of mind, not to mention concentrating and sending forth righteous thoughts.

Protest is a form used in the human world, and it mainly works to clarify the truth in the human dimension; however, sending forth righteous thoughts is using the divine power of the Buddha Fa in other dimensions. Therefore, under that specific circumstance, sending forth righteous thoughts should be the most important and other activities should be auxiliary. This incident made us realize even more that as Fa-rectification progresses, it has very strict requirements for every single one of us. Fa-rectification disciples must keep high-level rationality at all times, clear-headedly and consciously cooperating and coordinating amongst each other; only then can we do well as one body in all that we should do with wisdom and efficiency.

This is my personal understanding.