I am very proud of you for your strong faith

One day, a classmate of mine called, "Yesterday at home I found a Falun Gong flyer on my door. I immediately thought about you." "What was in it?" I asked. "It's about how Jiang's regime persecuted Dafa practitioners, just like you told me. I thought, 'Who doesn't want to enjoy a comfortable life, especially during the Chinese New Year.' But you people (Dafa practitioners) were risking your lives and freedom to distribute the flyers and set right the injustice. I really admire you practitioners! To tell you the truth, if half the Chinese population were like you practitioners, China would have been much better and full of hope, and corruption would not exist. No matter how bad the current situation is and what the propaganda says, I trust you and your Dafa. I want to say something from my heart; 'I am very, very proud of you, my friend, for having such a strong faith in the truth.' Really, you people are truly remarkable. From your heroic behavior, I see China's future. I firmly believe that the truth will be known to the world, and it won't be distant."

Moved by his righteous words, all I could say was, "Thanks."

"I hope your Fa-rectification will succeed soon. I fully support your determination in your belief. There is nothing wrong with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance!" my classmate added.

Toast to the greatness of Dafa practitioners!

During a dinner gathering, I was clarifying the truth to some friends. After Mr. A expressed his outrage about some government leaders' dirty behavior, Mr. B said, "I saw some Dafa practitioners in Xinji City. Dozens of practitioners were tied to a tree in the hot summer sun at 40o C (104o F). Nobody showed any fear. Everyone was rock solid. They are truly admirable!"

"What's wrong with practicing cultivation? I see nothing wrong with some physical exercise. Jiang turns a blind eye on corruption and does nothing to help the huge numbers of the unemployed. Now he is bullying innocent people," Mr. C said angrily.

I said, "However, facing the government persecution and people's misunderstanding and blame, Dafa practitioners still risk their lives to appeal at Tiananmen Square and display banners, hand out VCD's and flyers to tell people the truth. They are awaking the people's conscience so that they are not poisoned by the government propaganda.

"Righteousness will never be stopped," Mr. A said. "Everyone, let us have a toast for your fellow Dafa practitioners." I was encouraged by their understanding and goodwill.


An eye-witness report at Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp

One day when I clarified the truth to someone, he told me about what he saw at Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp.

"A friend of mine is the Director of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. Once during a visit, I saw how they 'reform' the Falun Gong practitioners. A female prison guard complained, 'Look, my hands are swollen and I can't even raise my arms. I am so exhausted from beating them. But still no one wants to change their beliefs.'"

"What happened later?" someone asked.

"Later, we had to use harsh treatment. We forced these female practitioners into the cafeteria, sent a gang of male prisoners in there, turned off the lights and beat the heck out of them. I heard their horrible screams and cries, it's really..." He stopped, shook his head and sighed.

"Why didn't you stop your friend?"

"It's no use. He told me that this is his job and he is used to it." He shook his head again and continued, "About half an hour later, the practitioners came out. With bruises on their faces, they looked terrible. A policeman yelled, 'Hey, stay in the line and don't move. If you don't behave, we will be even harsher.' When we came back from our feast, we went to see the practitioners again to see what they were doing. After we turned on the lights, guess what, we saw that they all sat in the lotus position in bed with their hands forming different gestures." He showed me gestures from the 5th Falun Gong Exercise, "Everyone was so firm and they remained stubborn till death. To be honest with you, I can't help admiring Falun Gong."

"No, they are not stubborn till death. They are standing up for what they believe in. To defend the great Truth and to awaken people's conscience, they can even give up their lives." I told him.