1. Dafa practitioner Tang Fabang was illegally sentenced to one year in a Forced Labor Camp because he had gone to Beijing to appeal. Originally, he was scheduled to be released from the camp in February of 2001; however, he refused to write the "three letters" (a letter of guarantee, a written statement of repentance, and a letter of separation). Therefore, his term was illegally extended. He was released on December 16, 2001. He was again illegally detained on December 28 because of his firm belief in cultivating Falun Dafa. In January, he was sent to Duoba Forced Labor Camp and held under close surveillance by the Fifth Team. When he arrived at the Forced Labor Camp the prison guards abused and swore at him. The abusive policemen, led by Chen Xing Xiang, brutally beat Tang. They took turns hitting him with a 100, 000 volt electric baton. The torture lasted nearly 2 hours. Later, they handcuffed Tang's hands behind his back and locked him up in the guardhouse for seven consecutive days. In order to protest against this terrible abuse, Tang started a hunger strike on April 11, 2002. Prison guards moved him from the First Team to the Third Team. During the two years that he has spent inside the Duoba Forced Labor Camp, his mind and body have endured unimaginable pain and suffering. Despite this, he still firmly believes in Falun Dafa.
  2. Tang Faban's life is currently in danger from the torture being conducted at the Duoba Forced Labor Camp in Xining City, Duoba County of Qinghai Province. We urgently request help in securing Tang's release. This call is meant for everyone, everywhere.

  3. Dafa practitioner Liu Jinguo, 21 years old, walked a thousand miles to get to Tiananmen Square. When he arrived, he was distressed and looked like a beggar. He was seized and sent back to a Forced Labor Camp in Qinghai Province. He was released in February 2001 and continued to stand up for Dafa. On June 29 of the same year, he was sentenced to a Forced Labor Camp for a second time. He was severely beaten by prison guard Chen from the Fifth Team on two separate occasions. He was locked up in a guardhouse and hit with a one hundred thousand watt electric baton repeatedly. Even in this harsh environment, Tang continues practicing the exercises and recites Teacher's essays openly.
  4. Dafa practitioner Sun Dayou was sentenced to a Forced Labor Camp on July 10, 2001. In the Forced Labor Camp, the prison guard Chen Xingxiang from the Fifth Team hit Sun with a hundred thousand watt electric baton repeatedly. Sun was badly hurt all over his body. Later, Sun was confined to the guardhouse with his hands handcuffed behind his back. He protested the persecution by hunger striking. Because of severe injury, Tang could not walk properly even after he was released from the guardhouse. Despite Tang's terrible situation and deteriorated physical condition, the guards have continued to single him out for torture.
  5. Because of his refusal to "obey orders", fifty-nine year old Dafa practitioner Feng Yonglun was beaten by a guard with a one hundred thousand watt electric baton for several hours. On two occasions, he was locked up in the guardhouse with both of his hands handcuffed behind his back.

Recently, Dafa practitioners have been detained in a forced labor camp in Qinghui Province. They are Tang Fabang, Liu Jinguo, Sun Dayou, Feng Yonglun, Li Junqing, Li Shengxi, Liu Xiaodong, Liu Quanlin and many others. Those who have been sent to a women's forced labor camp are Li Guixiang, Li Yu and many practitioners whose names are unknown.

Qinghai "Ruffians" List:

The Duoba Forced Labor Commissioner from Qinghai Province is Ma Ruqiang.

The Captain of The Fifth Team is Chen Xingxiang.

Their local Postal Code is 811601.