Miao Qisheng, male, around 30 years old, was once a volunteer in charge of Dafa materials and distribution in the former Shenyang City Falun Gong General Assistance Center and was also the head volunteer for the Huanggu District. He was illegally sentenced to jail, and was released in November of 2001. During the afternoon of May 14, 2002, Miao Qisheng was tortured to death at the Xianggong Police Station, Huanggu District. Even as of now, one week after his death, the police still have not allowed Miao's family to view his body. When family members requested to see the case record, the police replied: "We don't have it!" Miao is a resident under the jurisdiction of the Huanghe Police Station, but the Xianggong Police Station overlaps into other regions. Now that the Xianggong Police Station has caused the death of Miao Qisheng, they cannot escape the consequences.

Recently, many practitioners have been illegally arrested in the Huanggu District. It is said that Feng Yajie was illegally sentenced to 2 years of forced labor, and is now detained in the Longshan Forced Labor Camp. Another Falun Dafa practitioner, Li Yabin, male, around 40 years old, was also illegally arrested several days ago. Dafa disciples, please send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the persecution by the evil forces.