Three Falun Dafa practitioners were passing out flyers in the countryside. A man guarding an orchard started to chase them, so they clarified the truth of Falun Dafa to him and gave him a flyer in the end. The guard said, "The truth is like this! I will read your flyer carefully at home."

There were many Dafa banners in a certain rural area. Employees of the police department, police station, and village security committee all came out to take down the banners. Some villagers who had righteous thought tried to stop them, saying, "We like to see 'Falun Dafa is Good.' Please do not take them down."

The police asked a village administrator to lead them to search Dafa disciples' homes. The administrator used his wisdom and instead warned disciples, "The police are here! Hurry, hide your books!"

Dialogue between two passengers on the bus:

A: What is happening nowadays? Nobody takes care of those corrupt criminals. The police are only arresting Falun Gong practitioners.

B: That is the case, all right!

A: My sister-in-law's entire family practices Falun Gong. They have not had to take a single dose of medicine in many years because they are so healthy from the practice. We have saved all of the Falun Gong truth flyers in our house.

There is a young disciple whose mother was abducted, and his father has been forced to travel from place to place to avoid being persecuted. His teacher told him, "Go to the police station and ask them to release your mother!"