Dear Procurator:

I used to have many diseases and tried numerous ways to cure them, but was unsuccessful. Fortunately, I obtained Falun Dafa and before long I found that both my body and mind had fully recovered. Since July 20, 1999, the authorities have not allowed us to practice Falun Dafa. Because I continued practicing anyway, I was illegally sent to a labor camp. I want to tell you about my personal experiences there.

I was transferred from Siping Labor Camp to Jilin Labor Camp in August 2001. There, I was forced to sit on top of a 2-inch wide wood strip day long, for 17 hours straight. If I moved even a tiny bit, the guards beat me severely. I was forced to sit like this for three months, and have been beaten many times. I was transferred to Jiutai Labor Camp in December, where I was sent to a so-called "education class." One method used to "help" us was to cuff our hands to the bed, while several people beat us up. The beating was so savage that even the pickaxe handle that they used to beat us broke into three pieces. They broke the ribs of practitioner Li Xin. Since March 23, all teams started to use a new "educating" method. Team One was the most ferocious, having as many as 7 kinds of electric batons and electric needles. The most ferocious means they use is to strip a practitioner, and make him lie naked on the cold cement floor. Then the guards twist rubber tubes around him at places like the armpits, or the upper thigh and four guards twist simultaneously. In this manner some practitioners had their genitals severed, causing them to pass out in excruciating pain. If they still would not "break" from Falun Dafa, then when they regained consciousness, after resuscitation, the guards would cuff their hands and feet to the "Death Bed," and continue torturing them. Practitioner Qiao Jianguo from Team Four was one of the victims.

In the Yanji Labor Camp, the "help" given was just as malicious.

In mid June last year, Falun Dafa practitioners Xiao Guobing, Li Youchun and Zhang Hui and others, were severely beaten by criminals and guards for no reason. Moreover, Zhang Hui was thrown into a small cell (a cell which is too small for the prisoner to either stand up or lie down) for a half month after the beating. In addition, his term was prolonged.

In March of last year, the provincial authorities came to the labor camp to visit Falun Dafa practitioners. Xin Yanjun, the chief of staff of the Yanji station troops and Zheng Kuijun spoke up, telling them the truth about the conditions in the camp. After the authorities left, they were kept in a small cell for one month, and both their terms were prolonged.

On November 30 last year, an art troupe was invited by the labor camp to perform sketches defaming our Teacher. Falun Dafa practitioners Gu Rendong, Yu Jianhua, Xiao Guobin and Wang Tiesong suffered severe beatings just because they said, "Stop defaming our Teacher!" They were kept in an iron cage for two days. Gu Rendong's ankle cracked from being beaten, and festered for two months. Wang Tiesong died as a result of the severe beatings. After this incident, the authorities of the labor camp bought us four bags of candy to deceive the public into thinking they were kind to us.

Things were more atrocious in the women's labor camp. For those who would not "break" from Falun Dafa, the guards would grab them by the hair, force their heads under water and beat them. Some practitioners' necks swelled to same the width as their heads. The guards would use despicable means, such as shocking practitioners' private parts with electric batons. The female guards would get drunk before starting to beat female Falun Dafa practitioners. Perhaps because if they did not drink so much, they would not have been able to be so brutal.

The guards in the labor camp would persecute Falun Gong practitioners without any legal basis, and without any reasonable or lawful procedures. Moreover, their methods were more sinister, and their means more cruel than those from any other country or any other time.

What I have described is the "civilized" way of the so-called "saving, touching and educating." Everything that is mentioned here really happened.