An Awakened Elderly Man: "I Went to the Police Station to Hold the Policemen Accountable"

An elderly man that I know had been deceived by the rumors spread by TV propaganda and had some misunderstandings and complaints about Dafa. I met with him many times over the course of half a year, often clarifying the truth about Dafa to him and giving him truth-clarifying materials. Over time, the efforts made him change his ideas. He also passed the truth-clarifying materials on to his children. His non-practitioner children asked, "Daddy, why have you changed? You used to be against Dafa and now you are on their side." The old man said, "Because all the practitioners that I have seen are good people. None of them is corrupt."

The next day the old man came to my house. He said, "Three days ago, I received a phone call with news of my daughter, the one who cultivates Falun Gong. The police had arrested her. I went to the police station immediately and met with the police to ask why they had arrested my daughter. I told them that they left the criminals out on the street and instead, caught only the good people. I explained that I did not practice Falun Gong myself, yet I was in favor of Falun Gong because practitioners are all good people. With righteousness and determination in my voice, I said, 'You listen to me. First, you have to let me know the name of the person that reported my daughter to you. Second, you have to release my daughter and then go to the place where you arrested her to apologize and say that you were wrong. Third, if you don't release my daughter, I will report you to higher authorities. I fear nothing since I am so old. The top people are as corrupt as the low ones. Even you minor policemen are corrupt. I will expose your evils one by one.' At last they not only released my daughter but also apologized to the public at the street committee meeting. They said that they should not have arrested my daughter and that they were wrong."

Head of the Evil, are You Frightened When You See that the End of Your Days Approaches?

Lots of flyers clarifying the truth about Dafa and its persecution have appeared in a small town in northern China. The local followers of the ruling regime were terrified.

One day a practitioner was printing some Dafa materials when there came a knock at the door. It was several government personnel who requested to look into every single room. The practitioner clarified the truth to them using righteous thoughts. Later on in another room they saw all the Dafa materials and the equipment. One of the government personnel said, "What is this? Hurry up and put it all away!" Then he turned around and was ready to leave. At the door, he suddenly turned back and asked the practitioner in a low voice, "Do you have VCD's? Could you give me two?" The practitioner replied with an understanding smile, "Yes, I do!" and then gave him two truth-clarifying VCD's.

More and more government personnel have recognized Jiang's evil. The just people will support Dafa by all means. Head of the Evil, are you frightened when you see that the end of your days approaches?

A Source of Great Satisfaction

I met an old friend on the street. She said, "One day the TV programming suddenly stopped. It was because Falun Gong was clarifying the truth on the TV, so the government had to stop it. Falun Gong's programs on TV gave many of us great satisfaction. Falun Gong is great and very brave!"