On May 15, 2002, the government of Biskopsgarden District, Gothenburg proclaimed the first "Falun Dafa Day" in Sweden. The district government also held a ribbon cutting opening ceremony at the center square of the district for Falun Dafa Day.

Ms. Kristina representing the government gives a speech at the ceremony.Ribbon cutting ceremony

At the opening ceremony, the representative of the government Ms. Kristina gave a speech. In her speech, she highly appraised that Falun Dafa has brought benefits to both people and society. She wanted the residents of the district to follow the principle of Truth Compassion Tolerance.

According to Swedish customs, Ms. Kristina cut the ribbon for the opening of Falun Dafa Day. After cutting the ribbon, the representative from Sweden Falun Dafa Organization expressed the appreciation to district government and to Ms. Kristina and presented her with a gift, the books of Zhuan Falun, Falun Gong and etc. Another practitioner introduced her personal experiences practicing Falun Dafa and how many positive changes Falun Dafa had brought to her.

Representative of Sweden Falun Dafa Association thanks the district government.Practitioner Representative introduces the benefits of practicing Falun Dafa.

Next, practitioners demonstrated the five sets of exercises and sang Falun Dafa songs. Many residents participated in the event. The May 15 Falun Dafa Day will bring a bright future to the district and the people of this district.

Practitioners demonstrate the exercisesPractitioners sing songs composed by Dafa practitioners

From July 20, 1999, when China started to persecute Falun Dafa to the present, many countries including Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and France have proclaimed "Falun Dafa Day" or "Falun Dafa Week" or "Falun Dafa Month". More countries and cities have issued nearly 700 supportive resolutions and proclamations.