(Clearwisdom.net) Oregon State Falun Dafa practitioners photographed Falun while holding free Falun Gong sessions at a pubic library. The Falun could be seen revolving in the photos. (See the following three pictures.)

It needs to be noticed that practitioners in different places all photographed Falun, and these Falun all have the similar structure and character.

On April 8, 2002, at the health expo in San Francisco, CaliforniaIn front of the Chinese Consulate, Houston, Texas

Practitioners consulted one member of American photographers association who is a Christian, conservative Caucasian, and has been working in photography for several dozen years. After carefully studying the pictures, he said affirmatively that it is impossible to be any known light effect.

The reason why our flesh eyes cannot see Falun is that Falun exists in other dimension, and the light energy Falun emits is so big that it surpasses the view scope of our flesh eyes, so we cannot see it. Light-sensitive film can, at times, record it.

All these photos tell us that Falun Gong is the true science, it reflects the true situation of the universe, and in no way is it imagination or superstition.