Summary of Overseas News

New Zealand North Island practitioners held a three-day celebration for "World Falun Dafa Day." They also did voluntary work on May 13, to express their gratitude to the New Zealand government for their support of Dafa. A national TV station in New Zealand did a series of detailed reports, and is planning to broadcast it during prime time to introduce Falun Dafa.

Mo Zhengfang: More than one year ago, the Chinese Embassy in Britain refused to give my daughter a passport with no reason given, and they even said incredibly that "I" canceled my daughter's registration. Later due to pressure, they agreed orally to give my daughter, Xiao Minghui, a travel document. On April 24 I went to the Chinese Embassy, filled out the paper work and had everything settled. But on May 14 when I was supposed to get the document, they changed their minds, and asked me to wait indefinitely for further instructions from authorities.

Summary of News from Mainland China

After practicing Dafa, without any medication, my wife totally recovered from cirrhosis of the liver. In November 1999, we went to Beijing and asked the police in Tiananmen to transfer our appeal letter to the government. But instead we were arrested and sentenced to forced labor for two years, suffering all kinds of hardships. After returning home, my wife was on the verge of death, and her weight had dropped to about 60 lbs. Because she would not give up her belief and is under constant restriction and surveillance, we had to become homeless to avoid further persecution.

Truth and People's Attitude

Grandpa Yuan sees that all Dafa practitioners are good people, so he often helps his daughter-in-law clarify the truth. He hands out truth-clarifying materials in the ballroom, tells the truth of the self-immolation event in public bath facilities, and persuades the area chief of the resident committee not to interfere with practitioners. One day Grandpa Yuan was hit by a police car while riding his bike, but both Grandpa Yuan and his bike remained intact while the police car's bumper was damaged.