Latest News from China

A Dafa practitioner was twice awakened in the middle of the night and taken to a brainwashing class. On the evening of May 10, officers from Baisha Police Station of Wuhan City and the local "610 Office" once again attempted to send her to a brainwashing class. The practitioner refused to go with them and went upstairs. The lawless officials then kicked the stair door open and used a hoe to pry open her bedroom door. They also called the riot police to forcefully kidnap the practitioner to the brainwashing class.

Under pressure from their superiors, police from the Tongzhou District in Beijing illegally arrested several Falun Gong practitioners and confiscated much of their property. Fellow practitioners from Tongzhou, please pay attention to your safety. The police have started carrying out raids against practitioners in some areas in the name of room inspections.

It Is Heaven's Law that "Good is Rewarded with Good, while Evil Meets with Evil"

Thirty years of history: During the Cultural Revolution, 30 to 40 members of the Red Guard (an organization known for violence during the "Cultural Revolution") and people's militia went to the "Holy Land of Buddhism" and smashed Buddha and Bodhisattva sculptures. Over the next 40 years, they have been decimated by mental illness, handicaps, and violent deaths - some were even executed. Only one of the men is still living today.

News and Activities from Around the World

On May 18, Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners were invited to demonstrate Falun Gong exercises at the opening ceremony of the Lixin Town Stadium in Taipei County. Looking at this group of people making a great effort to show others that Falun Dafa is good on a weekend under the burning sun, I felt that many people knew in their hearts the magnificence of a Dafa practitioner.