12th May 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) The Shihe Police Station in the Jinzhou area of Dalian city has carried out a severe persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners since 1999. The leaders of the persecution have been the station Chief Cai Jie, policemen Gu Xiaofeng and Xu Guangyi, and the deputy Chief.

Since 1999, the Shihe Police Station has sent many Falun Dafa practitioners to Masanjia and Dalian forced labor camps, and used many conniving methods to try to force Falun Dafa practitioners to sign "guarantee statements" [stating that they will never go to Beijing to appeal, never again spread information about Falun Dafa, and never again practice Falun Dafa or associate with other practitioners.] In addition, the police station has sent the steadfast practitioners to the Sanli Detention Center and forced many people to leave their homes and travel around with no place to live in order to avoid capture.

Whenever "sensitive" dates are near, the police force practitioners into detention centers and monitor them closely. During the two meetings (People's Congress Assembly and Political Consulting Meeting) in 2000, they even locked practitioners in conference rooms for as long as 15-16 days without letting them leave.

These corrupt policemen illegally search the homes of practitioners and confiscate their belongings at will. One time when a practitioner refused to cooperate with their directives, they forcefully took the practitioner to the police station and viciously beat him without mercy.

As the head of this evil persecution, dictator Jiang has continuously escalated its level and intensity since 1999, making already violent policemen even more ferocious.

In the period just before April 25th this year, the Shihe Police Station ordered all of their police forces to arrest potentially "important" persons who practice Falun Dafa. The policemen used this as an opportunity to break into the practitioners' homes and steal all of their money and valuables in the name of "searching for Falun Dafa materials."

Police Chief Cai Jie has even ordered the practitioners to have 10,000 Yuan ready for payment upon arriving at the police station [the average monthly income in urban China is about 500 Yuan], or they would be sent to labor camps immediately. He also blackmailed the family members of the practitioners for money. Upon learning that one of the practitioners was poor and had no money, the villain sent him to the Sanli Detention Center without a second thought!

Here we seriously warn the villain policemen at the Shihe Police Station: The persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners will not be tolerated by heaven's laws. Your evil conduct will ultimately be brought to justice when righteousness is restored in the world. Stop your evil deeds immediately and save the future of your own lives!