(Clearwisdom.net) On May 11, 2002, Montreal Falun Dafa Practitioners and people from all walks of life gathered in Chinatown to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the public introduction of Falun Dafa. The practitioners gave performances that were very well received. A provincial Member of Parliament and many others attended the celebration activities and read the proclamation of Falun Dafa Week in LaSalle, Montreal.

Many people attended the celebrationMP delivers a speech

Banners reading "Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Public Introduction of Falun Dafa" and "Celebrating Canada World Falun Dafa Day" were hung high above the streets. Many pictures showing the journey of Falun Dafa were set up in the park. The practitioners' exercise demonstration also attracted many people's attention. Quite a few of them requested Dafa literature.

Passers-by view a photo exhibitionPeople ask for Dafa information Group dance "Pudu" (1)
Group dance "Pudu" (2)Costumes of the Tang DynastyYoung practitioner recites poems
Martial art performance "Sword eliminating evil"Dancing "A flower from the mountain"Western practitioners who appealed in Tiananmen Square sing a song, "We Came For You" in Chinese

The local Provincial Member of Parliament, representatives from a human rights organization and people of all walks of life attended the festival and made speeches to support Falun Gong and oppose the Jiang regime's persecution. The proclamation of Falun Dafa Week in Montreal was also read aloud. Afterwards, local practitioners and those from the US and Toronto gave performances on stage that earned high praise. Some Chinese people living in Chinatown said, "This is the best, most successful activity in the history of this Chinatown."

The celebration activity concluded at 3:50 p.m.