(Clearwisdom.net) One day in early May, a Dafa practitioner put a truth-clarification VCD on the counter in the electric appliance section in a shopping mall in Henan Province. An employee there found the VCD and played it on the TV. Not until a little while later did he find out that it was a truth-clarifying program. Shoppers in the mall were shocked, and many people who wanted to know the truth came to watch the display. The VCD was displayed on all three floors of the mall. This single VCD awakened quite a few people who had been fooled and poisoned by Jiang's fabricated lies. People who learned the truth said, "Look! What Falun Gong said is really reasonable. CCTV does nothing but fabricate lies to deceive people, and we will not believe them in the future!"

The truth can never be locked up forever, and righteousness will shine forth sooner or later. Through the practitioners' selflessly clarifying the truth in spite of great danger, more and more people will be able to tell good from evil and stand up to oppose this wicked persecution. Jiang's suppression of Falun Gong will meet with failure for sure. When the truth reveals itself, good and evil will get their due retribution.