1. Ants were bustling around in the sunshine. Little Duoduo went down to watch them. His shadow cut out the sunshine.

2. The Ants were astonished: What was shielding the sun? Ant A: It seems to be a matchless huge being. Could it be a human, the being from an unimaginably high level in the legend? Ant B: There was such a legend, from countless years ago. (Words in the cartoon: Wow! What is this?)

3. The Ants were hotly arguing about it. Some believed it, some didn't. But the legend about the existence of "humans" was still widely spread among ants. (Words in the cartoon: I don't believe it. If you are able to find a human being and show it to me, then I will believe you.)

4. Hearing the news, the Queen of the ants became angry: "What! What kind of being could be superior to me, the sovereign Queen of ants." (Words in the cartoon: What! Is there a "human being"? This is superstitious! Deliver my imperial order: All ants must intensify their study of my theory of the 3-attentions: attention to science, attention to production, attention to the Queen of ants!)

5. And then a large propaganda campaign of "advocating science and against superstition" was held in the ant cave. However, the legend about humans had already been planted into the ants' hearts, which could not be changed by the propaganda. (Words in the cartoon: Left: Advocate science, against superstitions. Right: We will take our Queen of ants as the core to improve our ants' economy.)

6. When the Queen of ants got to know the situation, she madly clamoured: "I don't believe that the concept of "No human exists" is unable to conquer the belief that "Humans exist". Instill this into all, starting from the baby ants!" All ants living in the cave who believed that humans exist had to choose between their lives and beliefs. Baby ants had to answer the question on their graduation examination: "Is a human good or the Queen of ants good?" (Words in the cartoon: Question that must be answered: Is a human good or the Queen of ants good?)

7. Little Duoduo stood up and left. Later, being careless, the Queen of ants died under a human's step. (Words in the cartoon: It's time to go home)

8. It is a pity that those ants who are deceived still don't know what has exactly happened. They are still thinking whether a being called a "human" exists. (Words in the cartoon: Do human beings really exist?)