(Clearwisdom.net) Sun Ti is a female Falun Dafa practitioner from Tianjin. On November 21, 2001, the police from Tianjin's Heping Police Station kidnapped her and sent her to the Dagang Detention Center. When the police interrogated her, they did not let her sleep for several days consecutively. Because Sun did not cooperate with them, the police kicked her lower abdomen, hit her neck, and cuffed her hands behind her back, which caused her to lose sensation in one hand for several days. The police threatened, "If you do not say anything the city's police department has various torture instruments that can make you speak." He also said, "In order to catch you, we used the most advanced monitoring equipment and set five hundred people around your residence." The police took Sun for interrogation in the morning and brought her back after midnight every day. Yet, Sun still insisted on practicing the exercises, studying the Fa, and clarifying the truth to people around her. One person even asked to learn Falun Gong. Later, the city's police department started a rumor that they would take her there. Sun then wrote a letter to confirm that she would never commit suicide (see the attached letter).

Next, the police sent Sun to the Nankai Police Department (branch). There, Sun held a hunger strike to protest. The police forcibly fed her and tortured her by cuffing her hands behind her back. She still clarified the true facts of Falun Dafa to the police who interrogated her. The police changed their rude and unreasonable attitude under her influence. This validated the effect of a Dafa practitioner's righteous mind. Everyone who came into contact with her considered her to be a kind person.

Then, Sun was sent to Tianjing's First Detention Center and has been illegally detained there since. We have not heard from her. According to Liu Hongqi from the Dagang 610 Office, Sun was sentenced to ten years in prison using false allegations. However, her family was never informed about this.

We hope that all Dafa practitioners send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil factors in Tianjing.

Attachment: A Letter by Sun Ti to Her Daughter

Ao (her daughter's nick name):

The police from the city police department wanted to take me. They said that they would torture me. If I encounter any danger during this period (including death), it must be the police who would have caused this. I will never commit suicide and must expose their evil behavior.

Falun Dafa Practitioner Sun Ti

December 2001