(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the Changchun public security bureau police has become increasingly violent. Since March 5th, the police in Changchun have been on a rampage, arresting and torturing Dafa practitioners. In the middle of the night they dragged detained practitioners out of their cells and mercilessly tortured them. Some police have even attempted to rape female Dafa practitioners. At this point some practitioners are missing.

In one situation they forcibly dragged a practitioner (a professor) out of a hospital while he was undergoing emergency treatment and took him to a detention center. In another situation two officers forced an old lady who was having a heart attack into a police van. They took her to the detention center because she had once practiced Falun Gong. Many non-practitioners were sent to labor camps as well because police found Falun Gong truth-clarifying flyers in their homes.

The practitioners that were arrested underwent all forms of cruel torture. The police often dragged the practitioners outside and beat them severely. They used a piece of black cloth to cover their eyes when they took them outside so that the practitioners would not be able to identify the place where they were being tortured. The police would tie up some of the practitioners, grab them by their head and feet and throw them against a tree. While torturing the practitioners they would say: "We will bury you here if we end up beating you to death. Nobody would know!"

Some police used electric batons to shock female Dafa practitioners' breasts, forcefully shocking the sensitive nipple area. The vicious police even shocked them in the vagina. Some of these female practitioners who were menstruating were shocked to the extent that they bled profusely. Their pants were soaked in blood. Even more vile were the police who attempted to rape female Dafa practitioners. While drunk, one of the police grabbed a female practitioner's arm and attempted to rape her, but he was eventually stopped. A Dafa practitioner was dragged to a nearby mountain in the middle of the night and severely beaten. The police said, "We will throw you into the mountain stream!" Some of these practitioners who were dragged out by the police in the middle of the night have not been seen since.

While drunk, one of the police from Changchun public security bureau said, "There are all sorts of noises including screams of Falun Gong practitioners [when beaten] coming from the Jingyuetan forest in the middle of the night. Falun Gong practitioners have not renounced Falun Gong even under such severe torture, how incredible!" He also said, " The basement is the perfect place to torture Falun Gong practitioners, it's no big deal if we beat them to death!"

We call on International Human Rights groups to immediately take action to stop such abuses and to help uphold Falun Gong practitioners' basic right to survive. We hope all Falun Dafa practitioners who read this will send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces behind this persecution.