(Clearwisdom Net)

Recently I read an article from the Clearwisdom website discussing good chances to clear up the evil elements that control the head of the evils in Germany. According to the article, however, during one of the most crucial nights most of the Dafa disciples fell asleep, and only a few insisted on sending forth righteous thoughts throughout the night. This happened because the practitioners present in Germany at that time had two different understandings in terms of eliminating the evil factors that control the head of the evils. Consequently, a good chance was missed.

In another article written by a practitioner not living in China, the narrator mentioned that once, while sending forth righteous thoughts, he saw the vicious beings hovering over mainland China. He thought those vicious beings didn't belong to his spatial field but belonged instead to the spatial field of practitioners in China. So he didn't eliminate them because he did not want to take over the Chinese practitioners' opportunities to establish mighty virtues. Later on he realized that this thought was not correct, and he decided to eliminate the evils the next time he saw them. Nevertheless, he had had that thought that the mighty virtues belong to the practitioner who is in charge of the spatial field. When we send forth righteous thoughts, we never think of whether certain evil beings belong to you or to me. And we are not eliminating the evils for the purpose of establishing mighty virtues. We are doing our best to eradicate as many evils as possible so that they won't be able to persecute Dafa, Dafa disciples, or the human beings in the world.

From these articles, I feel that many overseas Dafa disciples really don't have a clear and complete understanding of how vicious the evils in China truly are. From their standpoint their goal is to improve themselves and establish mighty virtues. In my opinion, in order to improve ourselves it is better to fulfill our missions in Fa-rectification Establishing mighty virtues is the inevitable result after we fulfill our missions. Our first priority should be what is best for Dafa and how we can save more sentient beings.

We understand that Dafa practitioners outside of China work very hard. It is not easy since you have your daily work to do and have your families to take care of. In addition, there are so many things to do while there are fewer people available, most of whom obtained the Fa relatively late. But unlike the repressive conditions in China, you have the convenience of freedom of the media, freedom of speech and action, etc. If you become mature in understanding the Fa and do better in practical work, you are playing a crucial role for the general upgrading of Dafa disciples all over the world.

I feel that many Dafa disciples who do not live in China are not clear on two points. First, they do not truly comprehend the evils and the persecution in China. Second, they are not doing enough to clarify the truth to people in China. Of course, it is understandable since you are not in the environment and don't have the experience in person. But if you can realize the existence of this problem, be calm, and make efforts, you can do much better in many things.

The above is what I see from inside China. For your reference only.