(Clearwisdom.net) In March, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to South Korea, where I saw the gratifying situation of how well Dafa has spread there.

It was in December 1995 when Dafa was first introduced into South Korea. By July 20, 1999, when Dafa was suppressed in China, there were still not many Dafa practitioners in South Korea yet. But now Dafa practitioners there already have their own publications, website and press. Dafa books, Dafa audio and video materials, etc. are all available in Korean. According to the government, there are nearly 10,000 Dafa practitioners in South Korea, and the number is still rising. In Teagu, a middle-sized city, there are over 20 practice sites. Nowadays the mainstream newspapers, publications, magazines, and radio and TV stations often carry articles that cover Falun Gong in a positive way. For example, the most recent issue of Current Affairs, a monthly magazine, not only reported the rapid spreading of Falun Gong in South Korea, but also carried pictures of Master Li teaching the five sets of exercises.

Dafa practitioners in South Korean have been trying hard to clarify the truth and spread the Fa to the government agencies and all circles in the society. They have paid attention to using their wisdom to eliminate the evil propaganda's impact and have shown people the beauty and goodness of Dafa. People from some religious organizations had once believed the rumors [spread by Jiang Zemin's regime] and published articles attacking Falun Gong. Regarding this situation, the Dafa practitioners in South Korea called a press conference. They took advantage of the media to clarify the truth to society and tell people how good Falun Dafa is, and thus eliminated the misunderstandings and eased the resentment of the religious organizations toward Dafa. While the Dafa practitioners in South Korea are using all available opportunities to spread Dafa, they also continue to appeal and protest in front of the Chinese Embassy.

Like other countries in Southeast Asia, the South Korean government is also under pressure from Jiang's regime. Misled by the lies, the Security and Police Departments in South Korea once closely watched the Dafa practitioners. Because the practitioners are always open and aboveboard, act according to the standards for Dafa practitioners, and allow the government to know about the goodness of Dafa, the people in these departments have gradually changed their attitude of resentment, and their suspicion against Dafa has been replaced with trust. Whenever the practitioners encounter interference or sabotage from the evil, they always fully use their wisdom; they both adhere to Dafa's principles and at the same time avoid direct conflict with others. In this way, they have achieved excellent results in clarifying the truth and spreading the Fa.

"Notes by Ge An," a prophecy book written four hundreds years ago in Korea, has predicted the wide spreading of Falun Dafa. It also told the later generations that people can only be saved in the Last Havoc [The community of cultivators holds that the universe has three phases of evolution "The Beginning Havoc," "The Middle Havoc," "The Last Havoc," and that now is The Last Havoc's final period] by practicing Falun Dafa. Now Dafa has already been spread in South Korea. This is a blessing given to the people of South Korea.