(Clearwisdom.net) Learning from Houston practitioners, we overcame various difficulties and prepared a large quantity of small beautiful paper windmills for the celebration of the World Falun Dafa Day.

We learned that the Red Cross would hold a large scale International Cultural Exhibition at a Downtown park on the weekend right before World Falun Dafa Day. At the time we got the news, the only booth assigned to China was already given to the China Friendship Association. But because a great number of citizens would come to the park, we still decided to hold a photo exhibition there. We were very happy to know that the park administration department allowed us to use any part of the lawn to hold the photo exhibition as long as we did not sell anything.

We chose an eye-catching place and set up the display boards in strong winds. After sending forth righteous thoughts around 11 am, two chief members from the China Friendship Association (CFA) whose booth was directly opposite ours came over and asked us to leave. They said that no political things should appear in front of the 5-star National Flag that they put up. So a practitioner cordially invited them to look through the photos and see if there were any political things. Other practitioners also patiently clarified the truth to every member of the CFA. One person came over and attentively inquired about Falun Dafa. He then quickly found two policemen and spoke on our behalf.

We gave paper windmills to the police as gifts and chatted with them. Shortly after, the two chief members from CFA changed their attitude and agreed to let us continue our activities. When the activities were close to an end, all members from CFA came to warmly invite us to have a free meal at their booth. We were very surprised at their change of attitude toward us in such a short time. We kept righteous thoughts every single moment during all our activities. We felt Teacher's vast and compassionate strength as well as the great cosmic change.

Passed quickly from mouth to mouth, children brought their young friends, one after another over to stand in line to get paper windmills. Some families asked practitioners to take pictures with them. A very little girl asked us to explain each photo to her. Children all pleasantly accepted the paper windmills and treasured them very much. The young voices repeated: "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" and "Falun Dafa is good".

Paper windmills could be seen spinning at every corner of the park. Wherever they went, the evil was eliminated.

A Chinese woman told us that when she traveled with the China tour group, the tour guide tensely warned her not to mention Falun Gong. But she just wanted to know the truth. She said that she was very interested in Dafa, but no one would give her any information. Now she had the chance to know Dafa. She was able to freely chat with us.

More and more people came to view the photo display boards. Some of them not only showed great interest in knowing the truth of Dafa but also said that they would definitely come to learn Dafa.