May 13, 2002

Dear World Falun Dafa Day Participants

Although I am not able to join you personally today, please accept my congratulations and support for a successful World Falun Dafa Day. I am sincerely grateful for the recognition today, as well as the plaque, which I will hang in my office.

I hope that World Falun Dafa Day succeeds in not only marking the progress of your movement, but also in drawing attention to the brutal repression that it has been subject to at the hands the Chinese government. We should all use today as an opportunity to turn our thoughts toward peaceful Falun Dafa practitioners in China who have been brutalized, tortured and even killed for their beliefs.

There should be no doubt that the United States government will not be silent when there are people in the world who are not free to act in accordance with their religious or spiritual beliefs. I will not be silent until the reprehensible oppression stops.


Thomas G. Tancredo

Member of Congress