(Clearwisdom.net) Along with the advance of the Fa-rectification process, more and more practitioners have stepped forward to distribute Dafa truth-clarifying literature. However, we have recently seen such a phenomenon: some practitioners, when putting literature into mailboxes, instead of putting it in one by one, they drop off a handful at a time. We feel that this is not appropriate, and it shows that some individual practitioners have the notion of finishing a task. In fact it is due to not having a clear understanding of the Fa.

Master said,

"Whether you're in China or outside of China, how you perform is the same; there's the same difference in whether you step forward or aren't able to step forward, and in how much you put your heart into this matter of Fa-rectification. It's only that the environments are different."(Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America)

On the issue of clarifying the truth and offering salvation to people, the most crucial point is not quantity, but how much of ourselves we put into it. If we realize that we did not do enough in the past, compensating for our past inadequacies cannot be in the form making it up in quantity. Distributing 100 flyers carelessly may not have as much effect as giving someone one flyer with a pure heart.

Actually, there is a selfish mentality hidden behind the notion of finishing a task while doing Dafa work. Such a notion is wrong. We truly need to remember what Master said, "Spread the Fa and offer salvation to people with compassion." When distributing flyers, it should be completely out of compassion, as it is for the sake of saving people and not for our own sake. Only by doing so can we truly keep pace with the Fa-rectification process and truly deserve to be Dafa disciples.

Looking at it from another angle, each piece of Dafa truth-clarifying literature involves the thoughts and efforts of so many practitioners: editing, printing, photocopying and distributing. If everyone involved, while performing their role, thinks that we must save all those deceived people and hopes that when they get the flyer they will read it carefully, then the material will carry the compassion and righteous thoughts of so many Dafa disciples, and it will surely have an effect on saving people. That is to say that every one of us, as a particle, should take responsibility for Dafa and not allow ourselves to affect the overall situation simply because we as individuals are not pure and righteous. This is of utmost importance.