The Media Reports

The Voice of America reported that Falun Gong practitioners in Canada wrote a letter to Minister of Justice, Minister of Foreign Affair, and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Minister of Canadian Heritage, requesting the Canadian Government to expel Ding Guangen, Minister of Chinese Central Propaganda, who arrived in Canada on May 9 for visit. The letter claimed that Ding committed the crime of anti-human and inciting hatred. He was directly responsible to the death of 400 Falun Gong practitioners. The letter also claimed that Ding played the same role as Joseph Goebbels, master propagandist of the Nazi regime and dictator of its cultural life (see http://www.us-israel.org/jsource/Holocaust/goebbels.html.)

Summary of News from Mainland China

An insider clarified the lies that fabricated by the CCTV (China Central Television) about Zhao He making attack on a police officer. Zhao He is not a Falun Gong practitioner. One day at the end of March, Zhao He and his wife, Qing Fengzhen, watered vegetables in their fields. Then, policeman Dai Guansheng wanted to arrest Qing and send her to a brainwashing class. Zhao and Qing asked Dai to give Qing a two-day extension and allowed her finish the watering and then went to the brainwashing class. But Dai forced Qing into the police car, at the same time, swore at her. Beyond forbearance, Zhao hit on Dai with the spade being used for watering.

Falun Gong practitioners in Gongzhuling city and Jiling Province congratulate the establishment of the Saipan Falun Dafa Association and Argentina Falun Dafa Association.

Latest News From Around the World

On May 9, for the first time, practitioners in Ottawa, Canada held a Fa-rectification picture exhibit in Algonquin College. They also showed truth clarification videos and did other Fa promoting activities. Many teachers and students including those from Mainland China actively took truth clarification materials themselves and discussed related issues with the practitioners. Two students even invited the practitioners to demonstrate Dafa exercises for their tourist group.

On May 9, Ding Guangen [the director of Chinese Propaganda Bureau and a member of the Party Politics Bureau] arrived in Canada. Practitioners in Toronto met Ding and his entourage at the airport exit. They looked directly into Ding's eyes and sang the song "Falun Dafa is good" to him. Ding's face turned black; he avoided eye contact with practitioners and ran toward the elevator.

Open Forum

Jiang holds authorities of the Party, the Government, and the Military at one hand, but inhumanly persecutes the unarmed Falun Gong practitioners. He clamors: "the Party has to defeat Falun Gong." Digging the root, what Jiang so fears for is the universal principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." He fears those enlightened people through assimilating themselves with "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." He fears that this kind of people will no longer follow his ruling by means of "False-Evil-Violence."

Think about it carefully, do we truly understand loving our country? How to love our country? Loving one's own country is not equivalent to love some President, or some term of Government. This way when their political movement ends and history passes this page, we will not regret from what we have done wrong during the movement.

Is bottled drinking water really clean? Swiss scientists found recently that certain brands of bottled water were contaminated by viruses found in human waste. Fresh air, clean water, and soil are the living environment Gods provided to us. Human beings can breathe as soon as they are born. They drink water when thirsty. They plant in fertile soil to grow crops. Now all these have become luxuries of human wishes. When the most basics elements of human living -- air, water, and soil -- are spoiled, human beings are truly in a perilous state.

Practitioners' Experience-Sharing

On April 22, 2002, policemen Wang Dequan and others from the "610 Office" at Weicheng police station in Weiye City tried to kidnap Dafa practitioners Jiang Zhenbo and his wife, Wang Hongxia. Jiang and Wang were determined not to cooperate with the evil and sent forth righteous thoughts throughout the ordeal. During the course of action, Wang found an opportunity to escape. The police ran after her in the streets. But she found a hiding place in a courtyard and sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts. Jiang also took this opportunity and jumped out from the second story and ended the police chase.