(Clearwisdom.net) On April 10, with righteous belief and thoughts towards Teacher and Dafa, I got on a train bound for Beijing. On the morning of the 11th, beside the national flag at Tiananmen Square, I held up my banner that said, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is righteous Fa," and "Restore the reputation of my Teacher!" These statements were the truest, purest reflections from the bottom of my heart.

However, when I finished shouting, folded up the banner and was about to leave, the evil took advantage of my xinxing omissions: the police arrested me. Because I didn't cooperate with them, I ended up being dragged into a police van and was beaten until I fell unconscious. After that, I was taken to the Tiananmen Police Station, but I still didn't cooperate with them. The police poured an iodine and hydrogen peroxide solution into my nose and eyes and onto my genitals. They covered my head with a plastic bag and stepped on my chest, so that I couldn't breathe. The last digits of the police number of the policeman who tortured me was from the Tiananmen Police Station were 569. When he spoke badly of Teacher Li, I stopped him immediately with righteous words. Under the influence of my strong righteous thoughts he couldn't say anything and just left.

Later, I was locked in an iron cage. The police were trying to transfer me to Qianmen Sectional Police Bureau, but I was determined not to cooperate with them. They ended up tying me up with my hands at my sides and sent me to Qianmen Police Bureau, and then to Qianmen Police Station. The whole time, I was bound in the same position. At the police station, I was left lying on the ground for a day and night, with no blanket or anything else to cover myself. When I was finally sent to Chunwen Detention Center, they still left me in the same position. I was carried in to go through interrogation, but I didn't answer any of their questions. When they sent me back to the cell, they asked criminal Jialu (head of the cell) to strip me and put me in a cold shower, where I could hardly breathe. I started a hunger strike immediately upon arriving, and five days later, they started force-feeding me. When the prison doctor Bai Xue saw me losing consciousness and found that she couldn't force-feed me, she poured hydrogen peroxide solution into my nose to wake me up and continued the force-feeding.

On the sixth day of my hunger strike, the police sent me to Beijing Police Hospital, where I was locked to the "death bed" for four days. On the "death bed," my limbs were stretched out and tied to the four corners of an icy-cold metal bed. I was not allowed to get up to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom.

I was sent back to the detention center to be put back on an intravenous drip and force-fed. There, I was force-fed through a pipe. I was subjected to this torture for 18 days, blood spurting from my mouth as the pipe reached my stomach. I was force-fed this way every day after the first five days. I was determined not to cooperate with the evil, and they didn't get anything they wanted to know out of me. Through my righteous belief in Teacher and Dafa, and being sustained by his benevolence, I made it through all of these tribulations and eradicated much evil. I was released unconditionally after 18 days. On my way to the train station, the policeman said to me, "You won, we lost."