If a practitioner cultivates very well, his own dimensional field will be very beautiful and colorful. On the other hand, if he does not cultivate well, his own dimensional field will be very dim and even very dark.

I have an uncle who is a cultivator. He is always doing work for Dafa and is very warmhearted, but he has a very strong attachment to doing something. He even could not realize it when I pointed it out to him. I have seen that his dimensional field is so dark that it has nothing inside. Additionally, I feel uncomfortable being next to him. I could not see any fantastic things inside his room.

I have also seen that the demons have made lots of automatic instruments. There are instruments of jealousy, showing off, laziness, anger and others. Every instrument is a very small machine that is installed inside something like an artillery shell. If the demons see that a practitioner has omissions, they will turn on the instrument, and fire it at the practitioner, causing them to be fooled and think that the jealousy, showing off, laziness, anger or whatever is from themselves. The demons will laugh loudly after they have succeeded.

Sometimes the demons apply another method to disturb practitioners, which causes them not to do the Dafa work well, or only pursue quantity and not quality. All the Dafa things should be the most righteous and the best-- how can we let the demons take advantage?

The above are things that I have seen during my personal cultivation process.

April 25, 2002

Dictated by a young practitioner and recorded by his mother