Truth and People's Heart

A Falun Dafa practitioner detained in a jail in Sichuan Province wrote a letter that advised goodness to a court judge. In the letter, he (or she) wrote, the reason I wrote this letter to you is to remind you again, that you should stop persecuting Dafa practitioners. Stop committing crimes. When I wrote this letter, I was crying for you. I truly hope you can think for yourself and resist the evil together with us for the sake of your own future.

A practitioner told the secretary of a street committee that the announcement she wrote the day before in which she claimed that she would not go around [clarifying the truth and/or distributing Dafa materials] is void, because such coercion is a violation of human rights. She then added, "Jiang Zemin forces you to 'reform' us, and if you fail to do that, even your salary would be deducted. Isn't that unjust for both you and me?" People who were present all agreed with her.


Most people from the Mainland China consider that the great disparity between the poor and the rich has already influenced social stability. A U.S. committee suggests strengthening the effort to forbid the importing of China's prisoner-made manufactures.

[RFA: May 10, Beijing] In the "China Day" session of the 35th ADB (Asian Development Bank) Annual Meeting held in Shanghai, Lu Zhiqiang, the vice director of the China State Department Development Research Center expresses that presently people are extremely dissatisfied with the current situation of income distribution. 70 percent of people consider that the wide gap between the rich and the poor has already affected social stability.

The U.S.-China Security Analyzing Committee recently made suggestions to the U.S. Congress that efforts need to be strengthened to prohibit prisoner-made good imported from China or other countries. The importation commerce Inc must in deed make great efforts to prove that their imported goods are not made by prisoners or slave labor. Products can only be imported into the U.S. after it is proved that they were not made by forced labors.

Discussions among Practitioners

We must fully utilize our truth-clarification materials. A great effort goes into each flyer, CD, or other material. Any unrighteous thought or negligence would waste those efforts, and what would be most sorrowful is someone losing the opportunity for salvation. I think when handing out materials we should keep in our minds that people will definitely read them. Moreover, we should be serious when making or putting up materials or banners, as they represent the image of Dafa practitioners.

Digital Cameras, Eyes and the Third Eye

Digital cameras and astronomical telescopes both serve as instruments for people to know the world and the universe. People have discovered many truths of the universe after inventing telescopes by using invisible lights. It proves that "seeing is believing, not seeing is not believing" is unwise. The experimental sciences limit people's exploration. Science did not prove the independent existence of spirits through experimentation until 2000. Spirits did exist before that time, but those who believed in science called it superstition until it was proved.