Written on May 6, 2002


Li Ningbo of the Political Security Office in Haikou City Police Department in Hainan Province started his evil career of tracking and persecuting Dafa practitioners well before July 20, 1999. After July 20, 1999, he took up the task of persecuting Dafa practitioners even more relentlessly. At the end of 1999, after being rewarded for tracking, unlawfully arresting and condemning Song Yuesheng (a Dafa practitioner) in court, Li became fanatical about persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners.

When Jiang and his associates allocated a million Yuan to the brainwashing program at Haikou City, Li volunteered his assistance and introduced into the program the various brutal techniques he had previously employed to make practitioners submit and write repentance statements. Dafa practitioner Huang Qiongrong was one of the victims. She was forced to attend the brainwashing class for three months but still refused to give in. When Li could not attain his goal, out of exasperation, he unlawfully sent practitioner Huang to a Forced Labor Camp for three years. Huang had to leave her helpless eighty-year-old mother behind to live in misery with nobody to look after her.