A Few Words: Looking within Myself

Once, after being blamed by another practitioner for something I did, I felt I had been treated quite unfairly. I was thinking that I had been totally wronged by that person, so I went to his house to reason it out with him. Failing to find him at home when I went there, I began to complain and enumerate his shortcomings in my heart. Eventually, since I could hardly put the matter down, I perceived that there was something wrong with myself. Painfully I tried to take a look to see if I had the same problems. Sure enough, all of what I blamed on him were all my own problems too. In this way I finally realized what Teacher has told us: whenever there is problem, look within yourself. This was a very important lesson for me.

A Few Words: Disagreement

Once our practitioners discussed how to undertake a certain activity, and everyone's opinion sounded reasonable. However, nobody could agree on one specific issue.

Looking back at the issue, I found that all the different opinions were actually complementary. He thought about this aspect, and she considered that aspect; there was no disagreement on the project itself. Doesn't this show that the tolerance and understanding of others, which is derived from our benevolence, is so important? Only in a peaceful and calm state of mind can we have a better perspective of the matter under consideration and do our work more perfectly.

Written by Rongxin