WHEREAS Falun Dafa is a very peaceful and healthy practice exercise of body and mind which emphasizes the assimilation of the universal principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance"

AND WHEREAS Falun Dafa has benefited our neighborhoods and the whole society as well as over 100 million practitioners worldwide both physically and spiritually since its public introduction in May 1992 and Falun Dafa's contribution to the society has been widely recognized and honored around the world

AND WHEREAS Falun Dafa transcends cultural and racial boundaries, resonates the universal truth to the whole world, and bridges the gap between east and west

AND WHEREAS the great Compassion and Tolerance demonstrated by Falun Dafa practitioners under the most severe environment has touched the heart of every kind hearted human being.

NOW THEREFORE I, Karel Roessingh, Mayor of the District of Highlands do hereby proclaim May 2002 as "FALUN DAFA MONTH HONORING RUTHFULNESS-COMPASSION-FORBEARANCE"

Karel Roessingh, Mayor

May 3, 2002