May 3, 2002

( Henan Province News Publisher victimized Dafa practitioner Song Shuduan without cause. Dafa practitioner Song Shuduan is a retiree from the back office of the News Publisher's Customer Service Department.

In January 2000, the family of four went to Beijing to peacefully appeal to the government. After their returning home, in order to prevent Song from going to appeal again, her work place illegally placed her under surveillance and followed her for as long as nine months since March 2000. At the same time, the work place withheld most of her retirement benefit except for a monthly 500 Yuan RMB for living expenses (her retirement benefit should be 1,500 Yuan a month). Song Shuduan was forced to leave home to avoid the persecution during the later part of 2000.

In January 2002, Shi Zhaoxiang from the work place, who had participated in the persecution many times before, forcibly arrested Song Shuduan on the street, and placed her under house arrest. The work place withheld all her pay, and often sent people to brainwash her and demanded that she write a "declaration statement" renouncing Falun Gong.

Song's daughter and son-in-law are all Dafa practitioners. The son-in-law was illegally sent to labor camp for 2 years. The daughter was an employee at the Reference section of the same News Publisher. The work place dismissed her, fined her 17,000 Yuan (the average monthly income in urban China is 400-500 Yuan), and did not give her any living allowance. Life was difficult as she was looking after her child on her own, yet the work place even had her followed for several months. In mid October 2001, the work place conspired with the "610 Office" to deceive, and force her into a brainwashing class. She left home to avoid the persecution.

We advise those working in different levels of government who persecute Dafa practitioners that you should distinguish right from wrong, and not help the tyrant commit evil acts.

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