May 6, 2002


Last July, a practitioner who was illegally detained at a certain labor camp in northeastern China came to enlighten that we are the true judges and we carry out the fundamental law of the universe. In other words, we are the protectors of the universe and we are responsible for the righteous factors and upholding the law of the universe.

We should righteously tell those people who carry out the evil laws against the universal law that they must stop harming others and themselves as well. The following cases show the magnificent power of righteous thoughts and deeds:

  1. One practitioner told the leader of a cell, "No matter what you do, you need to have evidence and be clear who is behind it. Otherwise you will be in trouble when the reputation of Dafa is restored."
  2. The leader (a Party member) said, "I just take it as a job to make a living. I will not do bad things."

  3. One practitioner told a team leader, "Because the decision is evil to start with, it's wrong however you carry it out. In regards to dealing with the Falun Gong issue, one can be very vicious, or he can treat it like any other issue, or else he can be flexible and protect practitioners. A person is responsible for whatever he does. It is the universal principle that good is repaid with good and evil is returned with evil."

The team head said, "I will be flexible and protecting, I will be flexible and protecting."

  1. The director of a detention center slandered Teacher and Dafa. Then a practitioner cited a poem written by the Teacher: "Sentient beings are demonized, causing endless disasters, Dafa provides salvation and guidance in the chaotic world; Not distinguishing righteous from evil, slandering the heavenly Fa, The followers of ten evils wait for the autumn wind." (Cited from 'The Good and Evil are Already Clear' in the book Hongyin) This director immediately stopped slandering and started a friendly talk with this practitioner.