(Clearwisdom.net) On the first Sunday of May, Minneapolis celebrated its 28th May festival with a parade. In the procession, the brightly colored, gigantic lotus flower, the beautiful Dafa music of "Pudu" and practitioners' graceful and peaceful exercise demonstration, like an unexpected spring gift, gained heartfelt admiration and praise from the spectators.

This year the spring came late, and this grand festival originally expecting to have 50,000 attendants attracted even more people. This was the first time that Falun Gong practitioners from Minnesota and several nearby states had joined this spring-celebrating festival and parade.

Although dark clouds covered the sky in the morning, it became clear by noon. Around 12:00, spectators had already gathered along the roadside. In the Falun Gong practitioners' procession, three practitioners each held a round board on each of which was written the Chinese characters for Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance. The golden characters on blue boards were very eye-catching. A colorful, huge lotus flower followed slowly, accompanied by the moving music of Pudu. The waving lotus petals brought people a kind of freshness and vitality. The holy and pure lotus flower was like an unexpected spring gift to the people who were looking forward to spring after going through the cold winter. It seemed that people's joyous smiles, cheerful jubilance, vibrant applause, and words of praise, were welcoming the serene and beautiful lotus flower together with the spring.

The parade ended by a pretty lake. Spectators thus surrounded the lake. There were various display booths around the lake. Decorated with the huge lotus flower and the beautiful float, the Falun Dafa booth was especially eye-catching. People were able to see from everywhere around the lake the beautiful lotus flower and the practitioners' elegant and peaceful exercise demonstration. From time to time, people told the practitioners, "The waving of the lotus flower seen from the other side of the lake is extremely beautiful," "The lotus flower is really pretty," "I've seen that Falun Dafa is so pure," and so on.

This is another spring, a spring to welcome the holy and pure lotus flower, a spring in which Dafa "gradually enters the human realm."