(This picture was taken on Feb 6, 2002, seventeen days after the handcuffs were removed.)

(Clearwisdom.net) After 6:00 in the evening on November 17, 2001 Chief Liu Jiangong, from the Police Station of Qinghe County, Hebei Province led a group of police to ransack a practitioner's home. The police tried to force the couple to go with them to the police station but the couple refused to co-operate. Liu Jiangong called and got permission from Liu Baoan, the head of the Political Security Department of Qinghe County, to kidnap the couple. It took four policemen to forcefully carry each of them away from their home. The kids cried and went forward to ask for their mom and dad but police barbarously beat them up.

The couple was illegally put into Qinghe County's detention center without due process. Two superintendents of the detention center (one's surname is Xu, the other's surname is Ruan), ordered criminals to dress the practitioner in prisoner's clothes and took photos by force. The practitioner didn't co-operate with them, so he was beaten up. He went on a hunger strike for the entire 47 days he was detained. Knowing he didn't eat or drink for a long time, the wicked people still cuffed his hands behind his back for 16 days and nights. On January 20, 2002, when the handcuffs were taken off, his two wrists were covered with pustules and his hands were different colors and badly swollen. The situation was so horrible that even criminals did not dare to watch. His hands were numb and stiff. Even today, the backs of his hands are still numb. After he had been on the hunger strike for half a month, he was force-fed by forcefully shoving a pipe into his stomach seven times. Two times, the pipe slipped out of his mouth spewing a lot of blood. His stomach could not digest the food and what was fed in was all excreted. His mouth was very dry and twisted out of shape. Later on the police were afraid that he would die in the detention center, so they told his family to take him home. After he was released, the police led by Liu Baoan often harassed him at his home and at his parent's home.

Practitioner from Hebei Province