Head of Huanggu District Detention Center suffers severe injury in a traffic accident; his family members are killed in another traffic accident

Qu Guansheng, head of Huanggu District Detention Center took a sick leave induced retirement in December 2001. This man had actively participated in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. During one mission he was involved in a traffic accident while riding his motorcycle and broke his thighbone. Even now his leg is held together with steel screws. On March 11, 2002, his two sons-in-law, a daughter and her child were involved in another traffic accident on their way to Tieling, and all four were killed.

Cases of retribution in Guangdong Province

Ya Shao lived in Heshou Village, Danchang Township, in Dianbai County, Maoming City in Guangdong Province. He attempted to interfere when Dafa practitioners were going to his village to clarify the truth and hand out flyers during the Chinese New Year holidays in 2002. He claimed that he would kill anyone with his hoe who tried to clarify the truth and hand out flyers in his village. Just a few days later, a maniac who was chasing someone else passed by him, seized his hoe and killed him with that hoe on the spot.