(Clearwisdom.net) Henan Province Third Forced Labor Camp is located in Xuchang City. It is one of the Jiang regime's so-called "reformation bases." In the year 2001, this labor camp introduced their so-called experience to the National Labor Education System as a model unit. Now, let's look at the various "experiences" that reveal how they persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

1. Deny all freedom and basic human rights: Any Falun Gong practitioner abducted into this forced labor camp has no freedom. The practitioners who refused to be "reformed" (Meaning giving up their belief in Falun Gong) are strictly guarded with "Baojia", meaning that one practitioner is guarded by three people. Practitioners are not allowed to speak and can only sit on a specified spot; they have to report to the guards if they need to go to the restroom. They are forced to face a wall with their noses touching the wall; if they refuse to do so, they are then taken to the higher units to be tortured with ropes, handcuffs and electric shocks. All their personal letters are illegally opened and examined by policemen.

2. Use "violating labor camp or unit rules" as excuses to persecute Dafa practitioners: The third unit of Henan Province Third Forced Labor Camp is a special unit for detaining Falun Gong practitioners. Most of the male Falun Gong practitioners from Henan Province who are illegally sent to this forced labor camp are abducted solely for the purpose of being brainwashed. Policemen contact the "610 Office"(An agency specifically created to persecute Falun gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) in every city and county to share their ideas in, and the results of, their persecution. The first thing they try to do is force Dafa practitioners to admit they were wrong to practice Falun Dafa; if practitioners refuse, they say this was against the rules and start torturing them. They forced practitioners to do "work," such as reading articles filled with slander and rumors against Dafa and Teacher. They require practitioners to copy the content. If practitioners refused or changed the content, they would then say it was against the regulations. Those practitioners would have to go through "rope torture" (using ropes to tie practitioners very tightly so that the rope cuts into the flesh) The practitioners who try to reason with them are shocked with high voltage electric batons. In the activity organized to attack Falun Gong, practitioners are forced to wear prisoners' uniforms. Those who refuse are forced to sing vicious songs attacking Dafa. Refusing to sing and not completing the work assignment are used as excuses to torture the practitioners.

3. Forced Labor: Falun Gong practitioners, even including the sick ones, are forced to do hard labor. Every morning, they have to get up before 6:00am. After a short breakfast, they have to work. Then right after lunch, they have to work again. Sometimes when the assignments were not finished, practitioners were deprived the right to sleep until they finish the work. The police took most of the money made from the practitioners' work. Sometimes the authorities would get some private side work and force practitioners to do it. If outsiders came to visit, the police would either send all the prisoners away or force them to sit down and read books or watch TV in the classrooms, creating a false impression to deceive the visitors. Falun Gong practitioners who do not finish the work assignments face beatings from the police. It is more common to see the police cursing Dafa practitioners.

4. Mental Torture: Police also force practitioners to watch TV and videotapes slandering Dafa and go to classes and listen to them attacking Falun Gong. Everybody is required to take notes and speak after the class, attacking Falun Gong repeatedly. Otherwise, they use "rope torture" to force practitioners to give in.

5. Forcing practitioners to give up their beliefs: The labor camp also works with outside agents and so-called specialists to brainwash practitioners. They fabricate lies to deceive people. They also regularly deceive the family members of those firm practitioners, saying such things as "he wants to kill himself," "he has mental problems," etc. causing the family members' concern and fear. They cooperate with local "610 Offices" to deceive the family members and tell them what to do and say to help them to brainwash practitioners. Those vicious people then ask the family members to mail out letters prepared by "610 Office" saying such things as, "If you are not reformed, we will die in front of you," "When you receive this letter, I might already be dead," or "Your father has become insane and is now in the hospital without care," etc. They separate Dafa practitioners in different locations and let practitioners' family members cry, curse and make trouble. Then they try "persuasion" and deprive practitioners of sleep for several consecutive days and nights.

6. Spreading Rumors: The vicious people often gather practitioners and force them to listen to rumors and slander. They fabricate all kinds of rumors and spread fake scriptures. These despicable means have been used repeatedly.

7. Buying Off: They often gathered those "collaborators" [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] and give them assignments, luring them with the promise of reducing their terms. At the same time, they also use threats such as "If you are not reformed, you will be here until you die."

Even in the above-mentioned situations, many Dafa practitioners still firmly uphold their beliefs and do not get scared. Some of those practitioners have been illegally detained for over two years. There are cases in which both husband and wife were illegally sent to the forced labor camp, leaving very young children at home. Some practitioners have elderly parents paralyzed at home in urgent need of care. Some practitioners were deprived of all their assets, but even these tough situations could not shake their firm belief. Moreover, many practitioners who had once been deluded became clear headed again and wrote solemn statements declaring their intention to start cultivating again. However, the authorities are afraid to publish these solemn statements; they separate those practitioners and try brainwashing them again.

We hope that more kind-hearted people will awaken to the facts, stand up against, and stop the evil things taking place in these forced labor camps.