As the Fa-Rectification progresses and more evil is eliminated through righteous thoughts, more and more sentient beings are being saved. The number of new Dafa practitioners is also growing. Below are some typical examples.

In a certain city some policemen were having a banquet. A policeman asked, "XX, do you drink alcohol?" He replied, "No, I don't drink." Another policeman added, "XX has quit tobacco and alcohol, and he's a Dafa practitioner now." Whether or not he's a real Dafa practitioner remains to be seen. He had indeed started to read Dafa books though. He used to treat Dafa practitioners viciously and afterwards contracted numerous diseases that failed to improve after two years of medication. He couldn't help but recognize that due retribution for evil deeds are imminent. To some extent, his studying Dafa is repentance for his past wrong doings. It also acts as a warning to sentient beings: respect Dafa and treat Dafa practitioners with kindness because Dafa can save all beings. "Good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil" is a heavenly principle.

An official of a certain city's detention center was carefully reading Dafa articles illegally confiscated from practitioners. It's kind of like an implicit agreement, but also an everyday routine. Is this because of Dafa practitioners' indestructible righteous thoughts under their intense persecution that eliminated the evil factors within them (the police), or is it because of Dafa's unfathomable might that has moved them? I do hope they'll truly receive salvation.

A party committee secretary of a certain county asked, "XX, what are you doing?" A former judiciary secretary of a town, who voluntarily relinquished his position replied, "I'm practicing Falun Gong!" The secretary wasn't startled at all, as if he had expected it.

A retired veteran policeman from a certain city, after obtaining the Fa from a brother-in-law movingly exclaimed, "Dafa is good after all. It's no wonder that Dafa couldn't be defeated or overcome. It's a shame that I have a bad predestined relationship, having to obtain the Fa so late."

Dafa flyers were posted all over a certain town's townhall. They were difficult to remove, so the secretary led a group to wash off the flyers with water. While washing he murmured, "Whoever tears [Dafa literature] will receive retribution. Aren't I going to receive due retribution today?" He supposed it was just some kind of threat and he didn't truly believe Dafa's might. Then another official quietly told him, "You shouldn't tear Dafa flyers because you will actually receive retribution." An extremely "coincidental" event then happened. On that same day the secretary received a phone call from the military reporting that his son unexpectedly became seriously ill and the military hospital was unable to diagnose the disease. He suddenly remembered "due retribution" and he immediately went to ask the official who had warned him. He borrowed a copy of Zhuan Falun from a practitioner and expressed his guilt and regret in front of Master's photo. He decided to start practicing Falun Gong. Later, he took his son home and together they watched truth-clarification CD's. His son realized the truth and recognized his wrongdoings in helping the evil scoundrels, harming Dafa and persecuting practitioners. He was extremely regretful. Though they couldn't immediately practice cultivation, the image of "Falun Dafa is good" was already planted in their hearts. In the end, a miracle took place. The son's severe illness healed without treatment and he managed to return to the military after only four days. This secretary, a former atheist who didn't believe in higher beings was thus awakened by the truths unfolding in front of him. He became a Dafa practitioner. The story of a town secretary receiving the Fa after his "due retribution in this lifetime" quickly spread throughout the region. Afterwards, several officials from the town also started to practice Dafa following the secretary's lead.