April 6, 2002

At the beginning of April in the old German city of Heidelberg, spring is in the air and the sunlight is beautiful. In the lobby of the City Hall, an ancient palace, Chinese traditional painting was exhibited for the first time. Zhang Cuiying's personal painting exhibition began here.

Vice Mayor delivers opening address The artist is interviewed by media

The Heidelberg City Government offered strong support to the exhibition. The first vice mayor, on the request of the Mayor, delivered the opening address. He said that Heidelberg City was fortunate to host a Chinese traditional art exhibition in the classical western hall. He said that art and belief have been closely linked since ancient times. Zhang Cuiying's painting would arouse people's interest in Falun Gong and help them to understand it.

A famous professor in the Department of Sinology, Heidelberg University made a long speech. He talked subjects ranging from Chinese art to the Jiang government's persecution of various beliefs, to the peaceful appeal of Falun Gong practitioners in China. He said at the end that it was important to urge the Jiang regime to stop the persecution through various channels in the international community.

Zhang Cuiying recounted her personal experience of big changes both physically and spiritually after practicing Falun Gong, and of the torture and imprisonment she endured for eight months for speaking a few words of justice in China. The audience was shocked. Later, artists and practitioners sang songs compiled by Falun Gong practitioners.

During the whole day exhibition, many visitors came one after another. They became interested in Chinese traditional art and were moved by Zhang Cuiying's experience and the inner meaning of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance in the paintings. They praised the Falun Gong practitioners' peacefulness.