Zhao Zhili, male, was the newly assigned branch party secretary of Dayangzhuang Production Brigade, Dayangzhuang Township in Ningjin County, Hebei Province in 2001.

Zhao Zhiqi: male, a militiaman of Dayangzhuang Production Brigade, Dayangzhuang Township in Hebei Province, is one of the murderers who beat Dafa practitioner Wang Xingtian to death.

Zhao Zhiqi once tried to force a practitioner who was beaten along with Wang Xingtian to give false testimony in order to shirk his direct responsibility of killing Wang Xingtian. This wicked act was rejected by the practitioner. Thereafter, he had a grudge against Dafa practitioners and became the lackey of the lawless Party Secretary Zhao Zhili.

For his own personal gain, Zhao Zhili does not distinguish right from wrong, but follows closely the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems]. He intends to persecute Dafa practitioners to gain the recognition from the leaders. After assuming the branch party secretary position, he secretly ordered Zhao Zhiqi to lead the village militiamen to spy on Dafa practitioners in the village. On June 13, 2001, the practitioners in the village were watching a Dafa truth-clarifying VCD in a practitioner's home. Zhao Zhili was informed and immediately organized the management and all the militiamen to surround this practitioner's house. Meanwhile, he also informed the township local police station. All 15 practitioners were taken to the county detention center. Zhao Zhili was rewarded and recognized by his leaders, and thus from this point on he became even more aggressive. He vigorously coordinated with the police, and frequently went to practitioners' homes to harass and interrogate them. At night, the militiaman frequently patrolled. They hid and followed the practitioners closely, making life for the practitioners in this village extremely difficult.

On October 1, 2001 [the National Day] and January 1, 2002, and on all other so-called "sensitive dates," Zhao Zhili always vigorously delivered the instructions from his leaders in order to accomplish the township government's plans to persecute Dafa practitioners. They sent some of the village's practitioners to the township government and illegally detained them for several days.

Around the 2002 Spring Festival, Zhao Zhili again followed the arrangement by the Political Security Section of the county police department and led the police to randomly search Dafa practitioners' homes in the village. Without any justification, he arrested four practitioners from their homes and sent them to Shijiazhuang City brainwashing class.

Recently, he again coordinated with the township government and went to a practitioner's home to search. He arrested one practitioner from the family and sent him to the township government. He forced the practitioner to pay a 1200 Yuan [average monthly income in rural area of China is about 200 Yuan] fine to be released. He also threatened, "You will be forcefully taken to the brainwashing class in Shijiazhuang City if you do not pay the fine."

While Zhao Zhili actively persecuted Dafa practitioners, he also was involved in several unusual incidents:

  1. In November, 2001, while riding his motorcycle, Zhao Zhili collided with an automobile. He lost his two front teeth, and was hospitalized for two days.
  2. On November 20, 2001 on the lunar calendar, Zhao Zhili forced an eight months pregnant woman to have an induced abortion, causing this woman's death from a massive hemorrhage.
  3. In the middle of January 2002, when the production brigade was digging up a tree, the tree suddenly fell over and injured a five-year-old girl, who is currently still being treated in Shijiazhuang City Hospital.

The villagers all talked about these incidents, calling them Zhao's retribution. Zhao himself also perceived that something was wrong, but he does not believe in retribution. Instead, he found someone to read his fortune. Poor lost soul, wake up quickly! "Immediate retribution in this lifetime" is the mercy of life granted by the Buddha Law, which also grants you an opportunity to repent. For your own future, and for the happiness of your family members and villagers, please be kind to Dafa practitioners in order to make up for your crimes.

Zhao Zhili's home telephone: 0319 -- 5936825

March 31, 2002