(Clearwisdom.net)Liu Zhengsong, previous Administration Section Chief in a general supply and sale company in Jingmen City actively participated in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. He was involved in a car accident on the Lunar New Year of 2001. He and his son died on the spot, and his wife almost went into a coma. The driver was not hurt at all. On the same day, his brother also had a car accident that caused one of his legs to be amputated, handicapping him for life. One person did evil against Dafa and got his family into trouble too.The previous deputy head of Yuelianghu Police Station Sun persecuted Dafa practitioners including ex-deputy head of the same police station, Ci Baosheng. Shortly after Sun took his position, he was stabbed to death by criminals.Li Hongjun, a supervisor at the Textile General Industry Corporation, actively participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners who worked at his company. He spoke bad words about Dafa and swore at Master Li many times. A Dafa practitioner warned him of possible retribution, but he didn't listen and even illegally sent this practitioner to a forced labor camp for three years. In 2001, Li was found to have a tumor and died in the same year despite medical treatment.Chen Qijun, an evil policeman in the Police Department of Shayang County suffered a sudden illness in February of 2002 and is now in a coma. The mother of another evil policeman in Shayang died of a disease suddenly as he was ransacking a Dafa practitioner's home. Zhang Xiuming, the head of an intensive labor "education team" in Shayang Labor Camp often slandered Dafa and Master Li. He often instigated the policemen in his charge to brutally beat, handcuff and electrically shock Dafa practitioners. They used all kinds of cruel methods to ruthlessly torture Dafa practitioners. In October, his wife fell down and fractured her arm, and his daughter was frequently ill.The General Secretary of the Party Committee and previous director of a "610" Office in Jingmen City, Hu Zhongliang, often slandered Dafa and Master Li in public. He received retribution in the form of illness that required hospitalization. Afterwards, he became a little more aware of the truth.

Li Jun, the previous deputy director of a city's "610" office was hospitalized many times. As long as he was active in persecuting Dafa, his disease became worse. On the other hand, when he treated Dafa practitioners with kindness, his disease would be lessened. Now he has come to gradually realize the truth.Xia Jianglan, the previous deputy director of a city's "610" office and deputy procurator of the city procurators' department, was hospitalized after falling and breaking her leg. Her body had blisters, and she felt severe pain everywhere. She has come to gradually realize the truth.Zheng Nongfa, the Secretary of Wenfeng Industrial and Commercial Bank actively participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners at his bank. His son was sentenced to jail for committing a robbery. We hereby warn those people who assist the evil to do bad things that if you still don't wake up, what awaits the evil beings can only be to pay off everything they have done to interfere with and persecute the Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples.

We also advise all kind-hearted people that you should clearly tell the righteous from the wicked and right from wrong. Please remember: to cherish Dafa is to cherish your own life!