April 1, 2002


I am a practitioner from Fushun City, Liaoning Province. Because I was on a hunger strike to protest my illegal detention in Fushun Wujiapuzi Labor Camp, the guards sent me to Fushun City No. 2 Hospital for further torture. In the hospital, they had set up an "Iron Cage Clinic" in order to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. Here I witnessed with my own eyes the persecution of practitioners such as Zhou Guirong, Li Li, Wang Hong, and others. Practitioners were force-fed through inserted tubes, soaked with cold water, and burned with hot rice bowls. They were ankle- and handcuffed, and physically and verbally abused. Before I came to the hospital, I kept thinking that I somehow should be able to get out. Under this thought and with Teacher's protection, I was indeed able to escape the labor camp.

One evening, after the guards' meal, I noticed that a window on the third floor was big enough for me to fit through, and I jumped out. I was knocked unconscious for a while due to the height I jumped from but quickly awakened. I stood up and headed towards the hospital gate. When a taxi came, I hopped in and left the hospital grounds. At that moment, my left arm was difficult to raise, my neck was a little painful, and I had a headache. But after a few days of studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, I quickly recovered. I knew it was because of my righteous thoughts under Teacher's protection that I was able to make it, ending my one year of suffering.

I was arrested in Beijing in 2000 when I was passing out truth clarifying materials. After detention in Beijing's Chaoyang Labor Camp, I was transferred to Fushun Wujiapuzi Labor Camp. In February of 2001, I witnessed with my own eyes and experienced firsthand how guards were beating up practitioners and how collaborators (former practitioners who had "enlightened" along an evil path) were threatened by force to attack practitioners. Practitioners were often abused physically and verbally insulted, forbidden to sleep, etc. Often the screaming and yelling of practitioners being tortured would wake up everyone from their sleep, startled.

During my illegal one-year detention, I went on hunger strikes several times to protest and as a result suffered tremendous torture. In the beginning, those villains sent hunger strikers to Fushun No. 3 Hospital to be force-fed. During one of my hunger strikes, guard Guo Qian dragged me into the office and beat me with a broom handle until it was broken. Then he picked up an iron chain to whip me. His hatred towards me was still not satisfied, so he slapped me on the face more than 30 times, kicked me, and threatened, "If you don't eat, I will beat you like this everyday." During my hunger strike, the guard wouldn't let me sleep. He would abuse me physically by having me stand or squat in one motionless posture for long periods of time, unable to sleep or sit under the watchful eyes of other guards. The next day I had to work at hard labor just as usual. Once, because I would not budge, still wanting to validate that "Dafa is good" and being on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention, guard Zhen Qiuyan kept hitting me with her key chain, leaving bloody cuts all over my face. Then she tried to bang my head against the wall. Later, she jerked me into the office and beat me while dragging me around in circles until she became tired. After that she made me do the "flying airplane" with my head dropping forward, two feet touching, and two hands pulled up from behind. If I moved a little out of place, I would be beaten and cursed.

During one hunger strike, those villainous guards sent me to Fushun No. 3 Hospital to be force-fed. They used a big tube inserted into my stomach to force-feed me. The Labor Camp Chief Wu Wei experimented with force-feeding me the first time without observing basic hygiene or using any medical skills. Without any sterilization, they inserted a long rubber tube that was only rinsed in cold washroom water. My lips were swollen from being pressed down upon by his keys, and my teeth were injured by them. Another time, I was sent to a special disciplinary class on the first floor. It was in the middle of summer, and 9 practitioners were incarcerated in this tight cell without any water. We were permitted to go to the washroom only at certain times. What's more, everyone had to sit upright and motionless on the bench from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. We went on a group hunger strike to protest the torture and illegal detention. I was numb all over due to the force-feeding. They sent me to the ER of the No. 3 Hospital for an infusion and attributed the numbness to my hunger strike. Later they set up a special clinic to force-feed Dafa practitioners who were on hunger strikes in Wujiapuzi Labor Camp. At that time, the clinic chief Yang and his medical staff, under orders from the Labor Camp chief, force-fed Dafa practitioners. Once, during my 42-day hunger strike, male criminals were forced to carry me to the Clinic to insert tubes through my nose to my stomach. I was force-fed many times, which caused my stomach to bleed and large clots of blood to gush out of the tube. They were so scared that they sent me to the No. 3 Hospital for a medical checkup, but it did not prevent them from continuing to torture me. After I was sent back to the labor camp, they injected me with anti-bleeding and anti-inflammatory chemical solutions by force. They again started to force-feed me through a tube from my nose to my stomach. This went on for 9 days without removing the tube. Even the doctors in the hospital conspired with them. I felt painful burning sensations inside my entire respiratory tract, esophagus, and stomach. My throat was so sore that it was painful just to swallow. In the evenings, I would have extremely painful, jerky sensations in my ears, cranial nerve, and temples. When I told this to the doctors and the guards, they said they could not do anything and would not pull out the tube. They had to carry out orders from above.

Under tremendous pressure, compassionate Dafa practitioners are still risking their lives to clarify the truth to those misguided people and helping to save them. Practitioners become homeless due to the persecution, often leaving relatives behind. But whenever we see a person with a righteous thought learn the truth, we are very happy for them from the bottom of our hearts.

I hope people can support Falun Dafa and treat Dafa practitioners fairly. Please remember, "Falun Dafa is Good."