As reported from overseas media, the Guangzhou Daily published two articles from Mr. Li Hongzhi, the creator of Falun Gong, on page A30 of its March 30, 2002 issue. This incident caused a huge disturbance in the Chinese Communist Party Propaganda System. The Guangzhou Daily is a major media outlet in the southern city of Guangzhou and it is a paper under the control of the Party in the Guangzhou Committee.

The two articles of Falun Gong founder Mr. Li Hongzhi were published on page A23, which is the "Weekend Financial and Economics Club" page, in the March 30th, 2002 issue. They were titled "Two Jueju" (four-lined Chinese classical poems with five or seven characters to each line). The poems were:

The Catastrophe

The dark, somber clouds have but a few days left

With the bitter cold fully over, spring now appears

Awakening, the sentient beings stand aghast at the things they see

Half of China Proper covered by sand and dust


Li Hongzhi

January 22, 2002


The Cleansing

Heaven and Earth turned upside down, raining sand and dust

The minds of hundreds of millions in the mortal world poisoned

People do not realize how many mercy has saved

New graves cover the landscape of China Proper


Li Hongzhi

January 31, 2002


According to an overseas report, this is the second time in a year that The Guangzhou Daily has published Falun Gong articles. Last time the article was introducing the book "Falun Turns Forever," and it was published on page B19 of the February 16th, 2001 issue. At the end 2001, the Guangzhou TV station was severely punished by Chinese dictator Jiang because it showed a picture of Premier Zhu Rongji with a caption that said "former Falun Gong practitioner." The Guangzhou TV station is also controlled by the Guangzhou City government. The Director of the station and many others were punished by losing their positions and suffering other such consequences.

The media experts in Guangzhou think that it was not merely a technical mistake that The Guangzhou Daily published the articles of Falun Gong. Some have speculated that this was a plot by rivals against the new Director of The Guangzhou Daily because he had initiated a plan to stop corruption called "Storm of Clean Government" immediately after taking the new position.