(Clearwisdom.net) On Clearwisdom Net, a lot of practitioners shared their experiences of clarifying the truth through phone calls to China. I also would like to share my understanding and experiences.

One can find a lot of telephone numbers in China on the Internet; usually they are business numbers, not private numbers. I took these numbers, used only the first 3 or 4 digits (area code) and combined them with the last 4 numbers that I made up. Now thousands of families in China have telephones and thus there should not be many unused numbers. The advantage of doing this is to reach areas that have not been reached before. I found that clarification of the truth has not reached some regions in Southern China. I slightly revised the Minghui Net 3/13/2002 article "Three Minutes' News Broadcast of the Truth", made it shorter, and broadcast the article to these regions through telephone calls. It seemed that they were hearing the truth-clarification for the first time and many of them were able to listen from the beginning to the end. There are also broadcast recordings on the Dafa Broadcasting Station that can be recorded. In this way, not only Chinese practitioners can make phone calls to China; western practitioners can also dial numbers in China and play the recording.

I would like then to mention the interference I experienced when I did this work. I was very nervous at the beginning; I could not even read the article without stumbling. Then I changed to use a voice recording instead of reading. I heard that one could record from the computer. Because I was attached to the better recording effect of the computer, there was always something coming up that made me unable to record the broadcast to the tape. At the same time, my recorder, which usually functions well, suddenly behaved abnormally with intermittent recording and with fluctuating volume. My previous recording was also erased. I kept waiting for the recorded tape from the computer, and I stopped making phone calls to China. About two days ago, while I had my eyes slightly closed, suddenly "as fast as possible" appeared in my mind. It awakened me to the fact that I should do it quickly if I think of some work that I should do. Attachment to any human format could be used by the evils to interfere. What really can save people are the purer and purer hearts of our practitioners.

The above is my personal understanding. If there are any mistakes, please kindly correct them.