(Clearwisdom.net) On January 8, 2002, Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Dong Guilin, 54, and Ms. Wu Xuzhu (see a separate report) were arrested when police broke into a place hiding Dafa materials. That day, they were illegally interrogated for almost 12 hours at the Yonghong Police Subbureau. During that period, they were severely tortured by Shi Xiuwen, the head of the Political Security Department, and officer Guo Weishan. Ms. Dong was cursed at and physically abused. During the torture, she was pulled around by the hair so violently that several clumps were yanked from her scalp. They also viciously poured scalding water onto her face. Both Ms. Dong and Ms. Wu were tortured until well after 8 p.m. before being sent to a detention center.

On the next day, Ms. Dong was taken to the Yonghong Police Subbureau again, where she suffered through 12 hours of various methods of mental and physical torture. One such torture, known as the "Tiger Bench" [A person's thighs are tied onto a bench, then several bricks are inserted between the feet and the bench. It becomes extremely painful as more and more bricks are inserted. The practitioner is forced to remain still under these conditions or be beaten.] was unmercifully administered to Ms. Dong. Despite such cruel torture, Ms. Dong did not cooperate with the wicked policemen and refused to follow their orders. After she was sent back to the detention center, she began a hunger strike, refusing both food and water. For this, she was immobilized on top of the floor. After remaining on a hunger strike for such a long time, and especially after being repeatedly tortured, her life was in danger. The officers reported to the authorities that she was in critical condition on several occasions, but the authorities did not release her. Instead they set up a special State Security Group to further interrogate her on March 1, 3, and 5. Each time, she was interrogated for at least 12 hours, the longest of which lasted 32 hours. During the interrogations, she was not allowed to sleep. In addition, she was further humiliated, cursed, beaten, and mentally tormented. This group of thugs who tortured her include: Li Yunyang (the Vice Director of the Jiamusi Police Bureau), Chen Yongde (Captain of Brigade of Political, Economical, and Cultural Security, Jiamusi Police Bureau), and Chen Wanyou (officer of the Brigade of Political Security, Jiamusi Police Bureau), plus Shi Xiuwen and Guo Weishan from the Yonghong Police Subbureau, as mentioned above.

As they were torturing her, they said, "If we beat you to death, it will be counted as suicide. We can beat you to death without any bruises showing up." They brutally tortured her for about 70 hours straight, but they failed in reaching their goal of having her give up the practice. Because they failed, they sent Ms. Dong back to the detention center again. Currently, Ms. Dong Lingui's life is in an extremely dangerous situation.

Ms. Sun Guirong, 64, was arrested from her home by the police from Lixin Station of Yonghong Police Subbureau on February 3, 2002. Police also seized some Falun Gong books and flyers. This 64-year-old lady was then put in a detention center. She was reported, by the center officers, as being physically too weak to stay. So, she was sent to have an examination at a hospital. The doctor in charge of her diagnosis recommended her to be hospitalized for treatment. However, the related authorities did not care and left her in the center, where she has remained ever since.

Ms. Jing Yuhua, about 40, was arrested by the Qianjin Police Station of Qianjin Police Sub-bureau on the evening of February 3, 2002, while she was clarifying the truth with another practitioner. Ms. Jing and her fellow practitioner tried to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the police officers, but they did not listen. The police then took down a record of the interrogation and asked Jing to sign. She refused. Then, as they were forcing her to put her fingerprints on the detention document, she told them loudly, "By doing this, you are breaking the law." Hearing her words, Zhang, the head of the station, started to beat her as he grabbed her by the hair. He slapped her face, kicked her in the chest and on the legs, and then punched her in both eyes. Her eye sockets were swollen terribly and remained bruised for more than twenty days. After that, Jing's chest was in so much pain that she could not eat. Then, she was tied to the floor for four consecutive days. It is said that since that time, a report was filed to bring attention to her worsening physical condition. However, she has not been released yet.

Ms. Cui Xiuyun, 51, was also arrested on the evening of February 3, 2002, while she was clarifying the truth with another practitioner. When she was sent to the detention center, she was found to have symptoms of a serious heart disease. So the center officers tried not to admit her, but the police driver Sun, officers Xu and Yin from Nangang Station left her to stay. So the center authorities reported this case to the city police bureau to ask Nangang Station to take Cui back. The Nangang police took Cui to No. 224 hospital and made up a fake diagnosis, with which they returned Cui back to the detention center. The center officers reported several times that Cui had been in critical condition, but the related authorities did not show any concern for her case at all. (The telephone number of the Nangang Police Station is 86-454-879-1602. The perpetrators include station head Zhang Deli, his nephew Zhang Hui, and officers Sun Junyi and Yan Weidong.)

Ms. Zhang Yanling was arrested while working at home on February 4, 2002. That day, two policemen from the Qiaonan Station kept coming to her home to check if she was still there. Later, they came in for a search. They found and seized a portrait photo of Teacher and audiotapes of his lectures. They asked her to go to the subbureau to have a talk, but she refused. Then the two police called more policemen in and forcibly took her in a car. Arriving at the subbureau, she refused to sign a document. Thus, she was directly sent to the detention center without any legal procedure.

Reported on March 26, 2002.

(An earlier article related to persecution happened in the city is available at http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/1/22/17989.html)