April 23, 2002


The Third Labor Camp of Henan Province at Xuchang City held a meeting to declare the extension of detention terms for Falun Gong practitioners Yue Caiyun and Zhang Hui. When Yue and Zhang, who were securely tied up with ropes, were pushed and shoved onto the stage, they almost could not stand up because of the brutal torture they had been subjected to. The dark bruises on Zhang Hui's face were clearly visible. However, their eyes beamed with pure righteous radiance befitting that of a Dafa disciple.

One day in the autumn of 2001, many Falun Gong practitioners' families as well as guests were lured by local officials to a "transformation" meeting. When these thugs defamed Dafa, Dafa practitioner Yue Caiyun stood up and spoke out, "Dafa disciples demand that you clear Teacher and Dafa's good name!" The thugs, who were already in position, immediately jumped on him and started to beat him up, dragging him out of the meeting place. Then, several vicious policemen dragged him into another room and beat him brutally. They kicked him hard with their leather boots, punched him and slapped him in the face. In addition, he was tied up with rope, which were tightened progressively and eventually cut into his flesh. When they were exhausted, they switched to using high-voltage electric batons. Painful groans could be heard time and again.

At a meeting of the Third Labor Camp of Henan Province, the wicked police declared: "If Falun Gong practitioners die, nobody will be blamed; there will not be any repercussions." They started to apply the torture of "roping" on Falun Gong practitioners from 17 to 60 years old, including the handicapped. "Roping " was invented in the Third Forced Labor Camp. The victim is tied up, with the rope increasingly tightened. After half an hour, the rope is loosened and then tightened again. This can be repeated a number of times. The Falun Gong practitioners who were tortured with "roping" had the ropes cut deeply into their flesh. Their wrists became numb with complete loss of sensory feeling even after several months. After recovery, the marks still remained.

Information on such happenings is strictly blocked. Each division or subdivision is separated, as they dare not let people know the truth. The following practitioners are known to have been tortured this way: Wang Lei, Yao Sanzhong, Hu Bin, Chen Zanyong, Peng Hongyan, Wu Chaogang, Wang Fuqun, Shang Dongcun, Zhang Hui and others. There are many more, but it is difficult to ascertain their names or total number.

Kind-hearted people, please pay close attention to the Falun Gong practitioners who are being tortured.